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  • Jason Jason Jan 8, 2013 08:18 Flag

    The next addition..?

    Haven't got a clue, nor remedy for being up at this ungodly hour of 3am..

    Anyhow, I don't suppose it will be long before making it's way, unless it has done and I'm just being redundant (forgive for lack of sleep) regarding the suggestion of Kevin Gameiro of PSG agreeing to terms for a loan move to LFC away from France..

    It was originally stipulated that he'd be first choice after Sturridge if he did not get wrapped up, but now that Ince is at a complete impass, which irks the living sh*t out of me, over a mere 2M, Gameiro takes priority, "supposedly"..

    The story I've just read on this side of the hot tub, is that again he's agreed to personal terms and OK'd a move away on loan, and the final decision is on PSG.. For anyone not familiar, Gameiro is a fantastic, pacey striker, and the reason he's possibly leaving is because PSG are basically the new Madrid/City, where he can barely get a game in over Ibrahimovic and their other embarrasing wealth of rich additions over the summer, and now Lucas Moura..

    For those that don't fancy Borini, and may never give him a chance, despite having not played in the Prem, KG is far more experienced while still young, IF it's the truth and IF it is done/close..

    Here's a good clip, and yes every clip can make anyone look good, but just focus on the blistering speed, movement, beating high lines and finishes..


    Hoping for good news in the am, if I ever do crash as my eyeballs are burning..


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    • I've heard the Gameiro rumours and certainly welcome another addition to the squad, cossing fingers etc. that it turns out to be positive. If it happens that is.

      Ince? I'd heard a similar thing with regard to a haggle over a millon or two here and there. Yesterday however I'd heard that Blackpool were ready to drop their price a bit. I think the deal will happen myself.

      Finally I've read this morning that Sahin may be going back to the Bundesliga.

    • Don't worry about the Tom Ince, it is a deal that will definitely happen before the end of the window. As soon as our 1st bid was rejected, it was always going to drag out. LFC have first refusal, we bid £4m, which is the equivalent of £7m from anyone else. If someone else trumps our bid then we get another opportunity to bid.

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      • Think by this point of the window, we're both (all I mean) going to hear the same pieces of news, just a matter of who hears or sees what first and vice versa..Regards to Ince, I still believe it will happen as well

        The one thing that was said is that Blackpool actually had a 8-9M tag on him at one point, regardless of our 4M bid, which while he may end up great and a star, is a bit much now, and even they know that. The other interesting symantic to his deal, was Blackpool actually did use a decent poker face, credit to them, keeping him before they played the FA Cup, since he's now cup tied, it's dropped his value. He had (per the article one of us posted) wanted to arrive at LFC before that. But, he handled it professionally..

        On Gameiro, really love it, and while loans haven't always worked out for us, you can't teach his pace and finishing.

        Regards to Sahin, yep same here.. Having seen him that year winning Bundesliga player of the year, I thought he was brilliant, and alot of those players adapt seamlessly, esp to La Liga. Who knows.. His best position was holding mid, but since even Lucas is struggling a bit there at the moment, he's the last one I'd want as any type of ball winner in a big match..

        The Coates going out on loan story did continue, even was mentioned during the Fa Cup commentary here, so we could still see 2-3 ins, and 2 outs.. Tick Tock..

    • If true then,, whats the chances of us signing him full time?

    • Hi Colin,

      To be honest those days for Lucas are over with.. and I'm not saying that because he's not physically capable of it, it's just that since he's been at Liverpool, which I believe is 7 years now, he's been groomed as nothing other than a defensive or holding midfielder..

      The irony of it all was, when Rafa signed him from Gremio back then, he was named Young Attacking Brazillian of the year (maybe missing "midfielder" in that), and immediately, as Rafa was known to and still does, tinkered with him all over the park, and we saw what a negative affect it had on the lad for so long until he got better..

      So credit to Lucas, but while he could do a job going forward retaining posession, maybe pick a pass or two, his shooting is woeful, I couldn't even remember him landing one on target, aside from a goal in a summer friendly vs Bayer Leverkeusen this past August, but also, he's not the most athletic or quick.

      Of the ample mids we have, Stevie aside, Jonjo and Jordan seem to be the most comfortabe, athletic and improving, and while not a midfielder, that's where Suso should eventually end up, further advanced ala David Silva who lines up left, but never spends 1 second there..

      Aside from Gerrard and Henderson at the moment, none seem healthy or in good form, but when they all are, we have quite a plethora of choices, only I think 1 or 2 may be redundant, where in the summer or further along we could use a creative 10, like Christian Eriksson of Ajax, Munaian from Bilbao, Belhanda from Montpellier etc etc.. World class, young with experience..

    • I'll still say it Jason / Colin. Until we get the midfield general (or midfield monster as I call them) we wont really get that far. There isn't one in the squad at the moment.

    • Maybe we shouldm put in a cheeky bid for Torres.. as Chelsea will be keen to offload him. He'd suit our style well I'm sure.. He'd give us a bit more bite upfront.. he still has a lot of love for LFC.

    • That, while I think can be offset by Lucas at his very best, ie- going into the Chelsea cup match where injuring himself, is something that would result in us having to offload at least 1-2 existing cms..

      Since they are all very talented, but some a bit redundant, the question is who, and not why. It's nice to have depth, but we don't have enough at fullback and wide areas (slowly improving w/ Borini's return up front), and 6 in central is just too much really, espcially with Gerrard still being a class above..

      Jonjo? I wouldn't
      Jordan? Finding some form, but a bit redundant yet..
      Lucas? No
      Allen? Some would say yes, but the answer is no..
      Gerrard? next
      Sahin - out the door basically
      Spearing on loan, will be sold for very little
      Coady? I wouldn't.. on peripheries of breaking in and very talented..

      All have their strenghts and weaknesses, obviously Sahin/Spearing aside, but none truly excels at any one thing like Gerrard does with his set pieces and command of the deep mid..

      For whatever reason, and maybe it's just my perception, on the few occasions Jordan has paired with Gerrard, they seem to have been impeccable.. Neither is a "monster", but Jordan's work rate and athleticism is probably best of the lot, and Gerrard can stick a tackle like anyone else.. You'd think they were the "odd couple", but again, this could just be perception of my own, from only a few instances..

    • Don't you think we need 6 forwards in view of how Brendan wants to play?

    • After a quick think, for me personally, yes, especially if he's going to succeed at LFC with the style he implemented perfectly at Swansea, but with much better results in the final third..

      If we were to end January with:

      Suarez, Sturridge, Borini
      Sterling, Downing, Ince
      Assaidi, (ACON) Suso (out of position but capable), Yesil (on fire in reserves)

      That's surely equal to, and superior to that of Sinclair, Dyer, Graham, Gylfi and whomever else he had at Swans..

      Not all of those players are "Suarez", or the artist formerly known as Fernando Torres in Red, but, depth wise, that's about as good as I can recall in my time as a supporter, and without question the best youth/promise/talent some may have seen in a very long time at this club.

      We really don't even know what Assaidi can do, what Suso can do in a more central attacking role, and while too many are slating Borini, how he could really help as a role player playing 3rd/4th fiddle to Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling..

      Considering the fact that all of those players are extremely interchangeable, aside from Yesil who's just a true 9, if we were chasing a goal, we could theoretically see 5-6 of them all on the pitch at a time, with maybe 1 midfielder just there to hold and distribute.. IE:

      --Ince-- Gerrard --Downing

      Again, not vintage Xabi, Gerrard, Torres, but heck, I'd have a hard time figuring out who to put on and leave off if/when needing them all at once, and of course *Ince is an if, so even without him, Borini when fit or Suso slot right in..

    • In response to Hobs comment on Sneijder above I heard some news on this last night and thought it would be worth sharing. As it's transfer gossip I shall have to try and write this in the style of Jason.

      Colleagues I have some interesting news on the Sneijder front. Take what you will from it as it is the view of one person quoted from a radio programme last night. I personally suspect his person, being a Dutch journo / correspondent may have some link to Sneijder as it sounded like someone is fishing for work. In short, or not as the case may be, the Sneijder, Gallatasaray thing is not done. I gathered all of this info from the said radio programme on my way home last night. They, Gallatasaray, who seem to have oodles of money, (is oodles a word? I don't know but it works here) have offered him something like 160,000 Euro, or was it Pounds? Anyway it was tax free with the simple purpose of getting him there. Crazy sums but according to the said journo Sneijder himself isn't overly fussed about the prospect of Turkey.

      Normally I suspect Jason would write some more here so I'll fill in with my own stuff. Blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah balh , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah balh , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah balh , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah balh , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah, blah, blah blah , blah.

      Back to story.
      Said journo said that Sneijder was interested in the PL.
      For some reason which remained unexplained, and I personally still cant fathom why the so called big guns of City, United, Tottenham, Arsenal were not in the game. As said I've no idea why. Sneijder wants a PL move to a senior PL side and is willing to take a significant pay cut by all accounts. Sneijder has his eyes on Brazil and wants to play regularly and impress thus ensuring that he'll go.

      However there is a significant downside. He's injured and hadn't played since last year. I don't know what the injury is but it's obviously something serious for a lay off approaching 4 months so far, and counting.

      Now I for one would welcome a Sneijder in a LFC shirt. He would add a whole different level of control to our game and midfield and having him behind Suarez is quite a mouth watering prospect. It's all pie in the sky though, I think. He still wont come cheap, and the injury bugs me, whatever it is. But class is definitely class and this guy has it in spades. To me it sounded like this journo was one of Sneijder's agents and took the opportunity to go fishing.

      So basically Sneijder is still available by all accounts. We would stand a chanebt in all seriosuness I think the club is looking elsewhere.

      I'm tired now. How do you type so much Jason?

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