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  • Jason Jason Jan 8, 2013 08:18 Flag

    The next addition..?

    Haven't got a clue, nor remedy for being up at this ungodly hour of 3am..

    Anyhow, I don't suppose it will be long before making it's way, unless it has done and I'm just being redundant (forgive for lack of sleep) regarding the suggestion of Kevin Gameiro of PSG agreeing to terms for a loan move to LFC away from France..

    It was originally stipulated that he'd be first choice after Sturridge if he did not get wrapped up, but now that Ince is at a complete impass, which irks the living sh*t out of me, over a mere 2M, Gameiro takes priority, "supposedly"..

    The story I've just read on this side of the hot tub, is that again he's agreed to personal terms and OK'd a move away on loan, and the final decision is on PSG.. For anyone not familiar, Gameiro is a fantastic, pacey striker, and the reason he's possibly leaving is because PSG are basically the new Madrid/City, where he can barely get a game in over Ibrahimovic and their other embarrasing wealth of rich additions over the summer, and now Lucas Moura..

    For those that don't fancy Borini, and may never give him a chance, despite having not played in the Prem, KG is far more experienced while still young, IF it's the truth and IF it is done/close..

    Here's a good clip, and yes every clip can make anyone look good, but just focus on the blistering speed, movement, beating high lines and finishes..


    Hoping for good news in the am, if I ever do crash as my eyeballs are burning..


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    • The next addition should be new owners.. Arab ones ideally.

    • Well I've just seen that we may in fact be trying to get something sorted with Sneijder.


      probably not the best source but this is one possible move that excites me a bit cause we to strengthen that midfield. It's potentially a bit of a marquee signing too, so maybe a few will stand up and listen

    • Ian Ayre insists the club have the finances in place to make any signings they want.

      Ok then if thats so..

      Messi, and the whole Barcelona squad.. including Pep Guardolia.

    • I asked my neighbor to translate some Italian papers, and websites etc., plus to see if there's anything he trusts in regards to Sneijder, and he said "no".. Furthermore, and I think you'll see it if you have not already, Sky has just said absolutely no interest from LFC.. I take it all with a pinch, but just don't see it..

      Tom Ince, as again, I'm sure you'll see, or have done, is at a complete impass with Blackpool asking 8M and refusing to budge AND asking for a sell on clause of their own, or something else to trick the deal..

      Lastly, I haven't seen yet, but spoke to some I talk to over on your side, and apparently Ian Ayre (our Chief in Getting Nothing Done) has said he is trying to step it up further this window (what that means to him vs us, I'll never know) and if not, will make for a BIG (again Ayre talk) pushes / moves in the summer..

      I think seeing the latter part of today with Sturridge, Suarez and Borini on, we saw some very exciting things, so if we could add just 1 more, and scrape by, while climbing up to top 6 maybe 5th, then we could be in for a nice summer.

      I hate waiting, and even making myself feel like I'm settling, but it's the reality, and seeing as how Downing was back to Downing, he and 1-2 more need to go, so we can free up dead wages.. That's the bottom line.. wages

    • Good. All fun in the end. Sneijder is hardly an inside scoop. I was just listening to a radio programme.

      Regaig his injury he may be fit but it's my understanding that he hasn't played since September last year due to the injury and whatever else has gone on at Inter.

      This morning I've read that Liverpool have actually made enquiries. It's hardly a reliable source, The Sunday People which is a pretty poor rag and far too closely related to a certain paper that's only use in Liverpool is to start a bonfire.

      It's a crazy long shot but I think a player of his ilk would make a big difference to us. It also fills my insistance that we need a midfield monster. At the moment I see 7th being about right for us (provided we can leap frog West Brom. All the sides above that you kind of expect to see there based on recent histoy and form this season. A signing like Sneidjer (fit and playing well) could / would push us up the tale a bit further I think.

    • Signing both Cavani & Sneijder would definately show we mean business.

    • I was not taking it seriously Colyn, you and I get on very well and I enjoy our dialogue as I do with just about everyone here..

      I actually am aware when typing that I get lengthy, but when I have so many thoughts, I find it hard to stop typing them, especially if I'm typing at speed.. I don't know if other cultures actually teach or implement that, but we were graded on typing speed in school growing up, so it just flies..

      Sorry you're having a rough go with some of my compatriots, we can be complete A$$h*les sometimes..

      Regarding the players, I really do watch alot because we get to subscribe to alot of networks here, so I enjoy that, and when I hear a name, preferrably lesser known, I like to try and research. As for the transfers, when my mate and I started our website last year, it gave me great impetus to write some articles about the club/matches, but also try and dig and make contacts where I could, and fortunately, just being polite, asking nicely and looking closely helped me make a few...

      There's been a few occasions where I felt I had the info spot on, and I've posted it, other times I listen to what I hear and see what makes sense, sometimes I discard it all, and others I just give my own opinion based on things that make sense and what doesn't.. I know you, hobs and a few others would agree, some of the links, and then posts here are absolutely ridiculous.. Kaka anyone?

      Truth be told, without any sort of inside scoop, and I don't really want to dig, I haven't got a clue on Sneijder.. My opinion is that we'd have to get ride of Sahin, and I read Dortmund are distancing themselves, so on top of paying his wages, we'd really be crammed. Then you have to consider which other CM/CAM gets no more action because Sneijder warrants a starting berth.. So, I agree he'd be a great statement, and we need something like him, I can't see it, and I hope that Suso becomes that player..

      I really believe we're lacking the wide attacking area that can score and create.. Downing's in his best form, Sterling as well, but still not quite enough for me, including the loss of Enrique. I think Tom Ince would really be a good addition and make us 6 deep in the attacking front.. but if not, I guess we hold our breath for the summer..

      It's quiet at the moment, aside from Paul Ince who can't seem to shut up for a day, but I do think we'll hear 2-3 things before January ends.. hopefully sooner than later, but BR, true to his word does not want to overspend, and while that makes some unhappy and blame the owners for being cheap, long term, that makes clubs take us more seriously in the market because quite frankly we've had our pants taken down recent years:
      Aqua 17M
      Jordan 20M
      Downing 19M
      Cole(cumulative) 24M
      Adam 10M (was it?)

      Then you look at Michu, Carzola, Giroud, Podolski, Sinclair and you just shake your head..

      And look, I've just typed a novel in 30 seconds.. sorry, can't help it..

    • All supposed to be a little leg pulling Jason. Hopefully you didn't find it offensive. If so I apologise. We do a lot of that stuff here in the UK. I work for an American firm and I have to be on my best behaviour all the time which I find crazy frustrating. To have a little fun here and there seems logical. I expect exactly the same in return. The stuff we used to do on construction sites would make my current bosses cringe and probably result in some form of disciplinary action. Some of the stories are legend.

      I will say you have placed yourself as the transfer soothsayer and I find the posts most informative. It often gives a good clue as to the way things are happening behind the scenes and the direction the club is looking to go.

      Please carry on!

      Regarding Sneijder, as said it sounded like one of his agents to me. I'd certainly like to see him in red. It's be a statement of intent at the very least.

    • That was very mean Colyn.. I'm going to consider hanging up my message board boots..

      What can I say, I love the club and the sport, and more than anything I really enjoy talking about the players/Europe. Alot comes into my head when I start typing, and before I got into the medical profession 7 years ago, I did some writing and still do on the side when time permits..

      I'm going to limit my posts to 85,000 characters or less going forward, as our manager takes us backwards..

      As for Sneijder, I heard last night he had to decide within 24 hours to take his Turkish offer or leave it, so that deadline is approaching. Inter said they still want him, just less $..

    • He isn't injured, he was till November but has just not been selected much since his return, partly to do with regaining fitness but mostly to do with refusing a pay cut, why would he take a pay cut on the contract they had given him anyway, we didnt even do that to Joe Cole or Jovanovic!

      There are a number of problems as to why he hasnt gone anywhere else, United seem taylor made for him but they are strongly linked with Lars Bender and Kevin Strootman as enforcer style players plus they already have rooney who seems destined to play deeper from now on.

      Chelsea are trying to buy the best young talent from all over the world so he just doesnt fit their philosophy. Man City have got Silva already though you can never rule them out. Arsenal and £150k a week wages? Don't think so, Spurs the same and sadly, most probably us too.I know I am daydreaming a bit but lets be honest, take the wages out, that guy could boss it at most clubs in the world, an enquiry has to be made at least!

      Gerrard - Alonso - Sneijder, you know it makes sense!

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