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  • Loki Loki Jan 9, 2013 18:29 Flag

    Wisdom - new deal

    Yeah its good news, I think he will be a very impressive regular before long.

    I agree with the contract department comment. Maybe they can sort out the ticket office as well.

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    • Having signed Wisdom, in addition to Skrtel, Agger, Shelvey, Sterling, Jones and the new boys brought in, isn't it a bit strange? I mean if Rodgers isn't showing us any progress, then clearly these players wouldn't commit their futures to the club, based on his visions and plans going forward, especially since we're not offering wages the Chelsea, City, Utd, even Spurs..

      Strange indeed.. then again, that's just me being sarcastic and poking a stick..

      For me, every existing young, talented player that commits to a long term deal with enthusiasm, is a clear sign of progress when looking in the context of a big picture.. It's just my opinion though, where some others might say this stuff is irrelevant, because surely next year and the year after we can progress on the pitch without these players..

      Logic is a funny word