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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 10, 2013 13:07 Flag

    Torres back to LFC..

    I think he'd flourish with a playing style that'll suit him..

    Our style would suit Torres well..

    Forget going for Ince bring back Torers.

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    • I was at SB last night and for the first time I sensed the Chelsea crowd not giving him their full support. We didn't ever expect him to lord it over Drogba and it was fine he could have some time to settle in. But it's been two years now and he's had a clear run this season. Last night was his 100th game for us and he has scored 26 goals. That's significantly less than Mata and Lampard score at.

      Last night Ba showed him how to play like a centre-forward. For 80 minutes Torres went missing. All I remember of his contribution is a couple of crosses from the wing, one of them quite good. In the last ten minutes Ba had two good headers at goal, a booking which could have been a penalty and a goal disallowed which could have been given. I don't believe Torres would have been on the end of any of those. If Ba had been playing all match we might well have won it.

      The conclusion has to be that Ba should be our first choice striker at the moment and Torres is an expensive experiment which has so far failed, the goal against Barcelona notwithstanding. Maybe it would be better for everyone if he left us now. I am sure the Chelsea crowd would prefer to keep Lampard or Cole than him.Or maybe it will finally turn around. Or maybe he will insist on collecting his pay for another three years and end up like Joe Cole or Florent Malouda.

      But Torres back to LFC suddenly looks plausible to me.


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      • I guess the big problem is he has 3.5 years left of his £185k a week deal! That is an astonishing amount of money. Lets be honest, he won't earn over £100k a week anywhere else bar perhaps Russia, China, Qatar etc. I fully expect him to be a makeweight in a deal to bring in Falcao this summer with all sorts of blurry numbers being tied up to hide huge wage pay offs etc. I think Liverpool is the only possible premier league destination for him but it is a rank outside chance to be fair, probably 50/1 or more!

        He will definitely stay at Chelsea for the remainder of the season, he and Rafa are interim manager and interim striker, perhaps they will go off to their next jobs together!

      • Hello Robert

        Tough one last night. Never pleasant losing a cup game at home.

        I was wondering if the frustration was born fom benitez not picking Ba or Torres just not performing as he has done many moons ago.

        Both I suspect.

      • Having got rid of one striker and only brought in one I don't see Chelsea selling in this window, to us or anyone else. Torres may not be up to the level most expect of him in blue, but he's far better than your average back up if that is the role you think he should have behind Ba.

        But, while its a while between now and the end of the season, with plenty of opportunity for the blond Spaniard to change opinions, I think the fate of Torres maybe directly tied with the fate of Rafa. If Rafa is to survive beyond being an interim manager it will be more than likely because he got Torres firing on all cylinders. But if Torres continues to fail to impress, then think Rafa will be replaced, and the new man will have much more leeway in letting him go.

        As for him coming back to LFC, not against it or for it, it all depends on how much it would cost. He still has value that is for sure, it’s just nowhere what his sale price was 24 months ago.

    • He could play left back whilst Enrique is injured, they are both spanish so I am sure Enrique can advise him from the sidelines. Also, he might play for free because he misses the club too.