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  • I think they have to buy him for 18 mil at the end of the season, but he's not pulled up any trees since he's been there has he?

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    • I think they have an option to buy him. I doubt they will use that option if it's £18m so either Liverpool will need to cut the price or he'll be back like an oversized Joe Cole.

      Sell him to Newcastle for £12m. You know it makes sense.


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      • Robert ...Shame u dont make sense mate.Will u be at Old Toilet on Sunday supporting u team ?

      • You are right Bob, there is an 'option' to buy but not sure what it is. They would have to be stupid to choose to exercise that option now, at that much money, it could get them 3 players who could make a big difference for them.

        He will probably only be worth £12m right now with his injury record and form so lets hope he does have a better finish to the campaign so we get more for him in the summer! If he carries on like this for the rest of the season I think we will loan him again to try and rejuvenate some of his value.

    • As soon as I saw this thread title, I just instantly shook my head, so I'm guilty as charged for commenting.. damnit!

      To answer the question, unless two clubs strike a deal, then yes, every player in theory, "returns" to their parent club, and depending on what was accomplished, they go from there..

      On the back of what Loki has said, he's done nothing, but back into some CBs, win a few headers, score 1 goal (as many as Borini) and get 2 lengthy injuries. West Ham aren't going down, so they'd be front runner along with Newcastle. WHU would have to pay 18M if they want to keep him, Newcastle would probably offer 15M at best, which makes us look stupid, but what can you do..

      As for Andy "returning", like really returning.. not happening. I will say both from my perspective and a little magical elf who whispered in my ear. Andy, will never be an LFC player again, unless Sam Allardyce or Tony Pulis are hired, and if I'm wrong, I will take Armchair on a trip around the world with Sheik Mansour on his private Jet, trying to convince him to buy LFC for 800M, spending another 300M and then I will take a loan from the bank to lay out for the 80k stadium *if they find the room..

      I feel good about all that..

    • Well £18m sure would come in handy. Could get a couple of players with that or a good player..