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  • Jason Jason Jan 14, 2013 13:12 Flag

    Victor Valdes to replace Pepe?

    Loki, this is complete and utter nonsense to the highest degree of ridiculousness EVER..

    Commentators often harp on how poor Valdes is for Barcelona, and sometimes going as far as to say it's unthinkable how a club of their pedigree and stature has him in between the sticks.
    Reina, while being in 2 year terrible form (maybe permanent) would be a massive upgrade for Barca, and Valdes would be equally as bad for us as a replacement.

    I've had enough of Reina, time for him to move on, but this is one of the worst crafted stories in recent LFC gossip memory. I trust Brad Jones more than both of them, and for 16M, we could buy Ince and Butland right now, and if including money from a Reina sale, we could have a cumulative amount well over 20M to buy a big gun for somehwere in the outfield..

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