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  • Jason Jason Jan 13, 2013 16:02 Flag

    We have to play with intensity for 90 mins!

    I agree with both comments. Just simply not aggressive enough in the 1st half, a bit timid, which to be fair many teams do at OT, but we have to not be one of them..

    Completely different story second half, especially with Danny on, and the final 20" or so, probably more (though our resident editor will disagree), we were the better team in most aspects, AND had the 2-3 chances to tie/take the lead..

    This said, it looked very exciting and promising with Suarez, Danny and Borini on, only thing lacking, which to be expected, timing and an understanding between them.. If there's a way to get those 3 in sync together and with Sterling, that could be a very exciting prospect for us!

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    • I thought sterling and Allen both looked jaded today. Also downing seemed back to his invisible man impersonation whilst that meant our midfield superiority counted for nothing in the first half with Lucas still struggling fir pace and aggression. Overall disappointed we didn't get a point against a poor united side to whom we showed too much respect until sturridge came on.

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      • I think Sterling just had a tall order against Evra, not only the experience, but a player who is actually in fantastic form, and we forget he's just an 18 year old boy..

        That said, very much agree with Downing, back to his old best worst.. I think with a full week's training, Suarez-Sturridge-Sterling can be such an exciting force, and Borini looked quite good actually, so he provides a spark now..

        As for the mid, I think it's time we start from the onset with Gerrard and Jordan in the middle.. Jordan isn't a "monster" or whatever anyone wants to call it, but his energy and work rate is second to none, his pace is very good, and he's usually very tidy in his marking, so if he can challenge well, win the ball, then we can nurse Lucas back more who is a worry for me..

        Having seen so many players injured like he was, here in the states, I'm still fearful over his fitness, but more importantly, his mentality which really isn't there.. The acl injury is a mental road block and if you think too much, you're not reacting and you've lost the battle..

        With Jordan showing marked improvement, and Jonjo there, we can afford the luxury of working w/ Lucas and sorting Allen who really has dipped..