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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 13, 2013 21:28 Flag

    We have to play with intensity for 90 mins!

    We did ok.. shame that they got given a goal.. Then again what do you expect when Webb is the ref?

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    • STFU, you dumb fwck
      you know as much about football as will carling

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      • Armsofachair..

        You continue to amaze with your comments and style of commenting, often answering your own questinos with your own answers that conflict with one another, and in some instance where you haven't seen what's happened, or remotely close to being right or logical.. I suppose I'm guilty for reading and responding, but it's my choice and it's almost like the gift that keeps on giving... a right migraine headache..

        As a Liverpool fan, who watched all 94" minutes today, I can say (some may disagree though I'm not sure on what really), Howard Webb had almost an impeccable game as the match referee. There were only few yellow cards handed out, 2 minor incidents, 1 for each side where there was a tiny call for red, but they'd have been pathetic, and to his credit were only yellows or fouls, giving free kicks. I don't think he could have done a better job today, let alone anyone else, so the reason for me saying this and commenting on your statement is..

        What goal did Webb give United???

        Are you referring to the free kick by Van Persie that Evra nodded in off Vidic, deflecting under Reina's arm? That one? If so, they reviewed it a hundred times on tv here by now, and I'm sure there as well, and there was no offsides, and not even a shout for offsides by an LFC player.. Glen simply did a horrible job at marking his man.. it was easy as could be..

        Or did Webb give them their first where Evra sent in an inch perfect pass, where Van Persise had inches to work with, and took it brilliantly in front of Agger and past Reina? Was it that one?

        Or was it their 3rd goal? Since we lost 2-1, I guess it could have been # 3 or # 4.. If you could elaborate on those 2 goals, it would be the world's most astonishing feat ever achieved by man..