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  • Jason Jason Jan 14, 2013 14:18 Flag

    We have to play with intensity for 90 mins!

    I guess my first question in response to that statement is, did you watch the match?

    If so, did you immediately feel that goal was offisdes, or just have a normal reaction like anyone when conceding a goal?

    No LFC player really showed any significant gesture or notation that it was offiseds, and what people might say elsewhere can/is often be very biased..

    The replays showed over and over and over that there was no offiseds, and further more, if there was, the side judge would have flagged it and advised Webb, so either way, it was not a Webb decision, who again, said by others too, had a flawless game.

    Howard Webb had 0.0 impact on this game. We didn't mark well on that 2nd goal, and in the second half were fare better side, and should have taken at least 1 chance to level it at 2.

    Webb is out of discussion.. he had nothing to do with it whatsoever, even showed leniency two-three times on potential red cards..

    We lost, they won, no excuses needed especially where they're inaccurate and wrong. End of..