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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 15, 2013 17:41 Flag

    Not good enough

    He has made some awesome saves I’ll grant you that, but I do think he's also made some elementary mistakes as well, which is why I question him.

    As a shot stopper I do rate him, but like many young keepers he's accident prone imo. While I credit Sturridge being so quick to the ball on Sunday, a better keeper would have ensured he did not leave a ball dangling right in front of his open goal for example.

    I do expect him to grow out of that with experience, but until then not sure he's really a top class keeper who are judged not just on amazing saves, but consistency and especially at a top club where the keeper is not usually asked to do that much, he is expected to get it right the majority of the time, when he is actually called upon to make a save.

    I know stats can tell whatever story you want them to tell you sometimes, but not sure the worst goals against of any team other than WBA in the top half of the table is an accident. Yes part of that is down to some poor defending by Utd this term, but do also think the keeper is culpable for some of it, and not what you'd expect from a Utd keeper, or at least not one they rate highly. He's no VDS.