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  • against an 'average' Man U side who were there for the taking.

    Very disappointed with the pretty average midtable football your players served up too, even Bradford City would have given a good account of themselves than crap I watched from your lot today..

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    • Hi Robert,

      My point about the others being below average was all on display at Stamford Bridge last evening. Chelsea who were widely expected by most pundits to breakup the duopoly between the two Manchester clubs chose the wrong game to show their own Arsenal-like frailties [Arsenal 2-0 Fulham --> suddenly became Arsenal 2-3 Fulham before we managed to claw back and an equalising goal at the Emirates, madness!] .

      How can Chelsea be taken seriously as a title challenger when they are clearly clueless about how to shut up shop after leading a relegation fodder side like Southampton by two clear goals at home, in front of their own fans?

    • I know one man dont make a team but Peter Schmickel was worth his weight in gold. Best keeper Ive ever seen bar none. He ensured United won games that their outfield play didnt warrent so many times. Definitely the main man then, just like RVP is for them now.

    • I wasn't a huge fan of VDS. I remember him making some bad mistakes, and with fifteen years more experience. I'd rather United had VDS in goal when they played us than de Gea.

      As Ron suggests, Scheichel is surely the standard for United keepers.


    • He has made some awesome saves I’ll grant you that, but I do think he's also made some elementary mistakes as well, which is why I question him.

      As a shot stopper I do rate him, but like many young keepers he's accident prone imo. While I credit Sturridge being so quick to the ball on Sunday, a better keeper would have ensured he did not leave a ball dangling right in front of his open goal for example.

      I do expect him to grow out of that with experience, but until then not sure he's really a top class keeper who are judged not just on amazing saves, but consistency and especially at a top club where the keeper is not usually asked to do that much, he is expected to get it right the majority of the time, when he is actually called upon to make a save.

      I know stats can tell whatever story you want them to tell you sometimes, but not sure the worst goals against of any team other than WBA in the top half of the table is an accident. Yes part of that is down to some poor defending by Utd this term, but do also think the keeper is culpable for some of it, and not what you'd expect from a Utd keeper, or at least not one they rate highly. He's no VDS.

    • DeGea is like the curates egg...good in parts. Certainly no Peter Schmeikle though is he?

    • They're the worse MU team I've seen.. Yes they were there for the taking and we rolled over. We should've gone at them from the kick off and harried and got in amongst them.. forcing them to make errors and not given them time on the ball..

      In fact thats how we should play.. keep hold of the ball and keep passing it.

    • My pic was taken from the replay, which I suggested he watched.

      In mine, the ball has just left Evra's head, who is on the right, Vidic is running onto it.

      In the replay it's obvious, which is why Rogers isn't claiming it was offside, just a few disgruntled Liverpool supporters.

    • Lol. Don't look at a photo that tells you what you want to hear. Here's a photo that proves what I'm saying.

      If the question was "is vidic in front of Evra, or vice versa" then I can't tell, either from the Daily Mail pic, or your pic which is so fuzzy I can't even make out the ball, or from the replay. However, I believe the offside rule is whether vidic is in front of the ball when played by Evra, and the DM pic looks pretty convincing on this point.


    • It wasn't offside, watch the replay, not a photo that tells the story you want to hear!

      Look here, from the replay, Evra is quite clearly in front when it came off his head, Vidic then ran onto it.


      Another one bites the dust!

    • How about then a ref who gives MU a goal which was offside.. yet it still stood.. Yet you say the ref favoured us? One match where he may have favoured us, doesn't make up for countless other times where he clearly favoured MU.

      Yet the one critical decision he made was to allow an offside goal to stand.. handing MU 3 points..

      So my assessmesnt pre match was right.. Webb would give MU 3 points and he did.

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