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  • Paddy Paddy Jan 14, 2013 09:04 Flag

    24 points - not in quality but in squad

    Hi Noo Noo

    To be fair to BR - we also attack a lot through our full backs who constantly bomb on to create width so I'm not sure if that is the answer.

    I think I'm right in saying that we have created more chances than Utd this season but obviously have scored less goals. When the likes of Utd & City create a decent attacking situation they convert a higher percentage than the rest.

    To me the reason is obvious. Regardless of what BR says, those teams have better players than we do in terms of both quality and experience. As a result they are more efficient/ruthless in converting chances/winning games.

    The teams that can attract the best players usually end up above those that can't. It was ever thus.

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    • I agree the full backs are key in our game and any possession based game where you compress the defence into their own half or defensive thrd. You need a way to get behind them and the full backs are critical to this.

      While our full backs do press forward they do so without full control of the midfield. How many times have we seen the ball lost in the middle of the park and the opposition exploit the space left by our full backs who are out of position?

      To their credit seldom do you see United lose possesion and the full backs out of position. The platform is there for them.

      I also agree that we've had a cavern up front without a finisher. We've taken some steps forward there but I still think the midfield is a problem. I'm also sure that Rodgers is aware of it with his constant search for teh right balance in there. Sahin hasn't convinced and gone, Allen is under pressure, Gerrard is playing deeper, Henderson is getting game time . To me it all points to Rodgers searching for something.