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  • andy w andy w Jan 14, 2013 17:42 Flag

    24 points - not in quality but in squad

    Hi Jason,
    I understand your arguement but we can all quote stats. For example instead of reciting KK only full season, based on his comeback to the end of the season our form would have made us Premiership winners.
    I know I've quoted this before, but I watched EVERY match last season and apart from one bad day at the office at Bolton we were basically very unlucky hence the number of woodwork strikes.
    If Downings volley had gone in, Richardson sent off Suarez scored etc in first game what would that have done for confidence?
    Anyway for all the bad luck we did have I never saw p!ss poor performances like with Villa ,Stoke, Swansea ,West Brom, Arsenal etc etc etc.
    So Sterling and Suso play more...so what? Sterling since signing his contract has disappeared in games and Suso is stll to lightweight...is it really good management to start with Suso against the likes of Stoke?
    Doesn't anyone else find it strange that BR only looks at younger players that he's worked with before Allen, Borini, Sturridge, I've a feeling this is a mangager that couldn't manage a RVP etc.
    Everyone quote the mantra of buying young players then selling them on for profit...so how does that help the club?
    Do you think Fergie thought this when he bought RVP? Or next year when he has got Lampard and Cole? No he just wants to win and compete every year.
    Yes it's fantastic to have the lowest average age for players in the Premiership and have Suso and Sterling playing regularly....but what will we win FVCK ALL !
    So my main arguement is that KK should have had at least one more full season before he went because I'm sure we wouldn't be where we are now.