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  • colin colin Jan 16, 2013 14:54 Flag

    24 points - not in quality but in squad

    Noo Noo...If u look at Kennys NET spend while with us and that of BR not a lot of difference. I truly believe Kenny brought a passion and tactical awareness that BR does not have. It looks to me very much like BR is at the root of the sides problem. He looks dispirited on the touchline...iits not a question of having to be screaming at everyone like SAF but at least LOOK like u have an interest in whats going on out there on the pitch !
    We cannot compete in the transfer market with CITEH and Chelski or UniTURD they have a ground holds 78,000 and its at capacity every game. The difference in earnings from season tickets enables them to pay such as RVP the salary required whereas we can pay only the salary level demanded by such as Sterling or Sturridge and are looking to offload players simply to get their salaries off our books Joe Cole loan ofAndy C Sahin to dortmund ? For all of this I dont feel BR is solely to blame but u have to ask u self why instead of constantly bleating in the national sporting press that our squad is THINwhy isnt he addressing this with FSG and if he is why arent they addressint this problem now while they ave a chance to in this transfer window ? My guess is because they arent about to spend much if anything and have pretty well written off our season the Sturridge buy was simply to rectify the problem they caused by letting Andy C go out on loan and failing through incompetency and penny pinching to land Dempsey to replace him. You ask is BR taking the club forward...for me mate the answer much though I hate to say it is...NO and looking at him on the touchline I dont think Im going to be changing my opinion any time soon.