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  • Colyn Colyn Jan 16, 2013 15:08 Flag

    24 points - not in quality but in squad

    that's fair enough bud.

    Good quesions to be fair and I can only guess that the answer is FFP. Basically the wage bill with all the dead wood in the squad is pretty much strangling anything we do anywhere.

    I also don't agree witht the net spend argument. We got £50m for Torres which really skews the numbers. Although we did spend £35m on Carroll. Mental times!!! I suppose you could argue that we replaced one lump of dead wood with another and made £15m from it.

    to take the club forward you can bin a bucket load of cash at the problem as City or Chelsea did and somehow stay within FFP ( but that only applies to Europe) or you can try and chip away at the problem, put a manager in place that will rebuild with you (and stay) and work at getting cash from elsewhere. That's what Liverpool are doing but it won't happen over night.

    lastly I disagree with your thoughts on Rodgers not doing anything. We haven't seen a manager that's as prepared to change things during a game at Anfield since Jose's last visit. Rodgers is and has made substitutions before half time if necessary. He'll change formation too. Just because he hasn't instructed Carragher to lump it up to a big man doesn't mean that things haven't changed.