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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 14, 2013 12:34 Flag

    United defeat in review

    We were robbed it was an offside and they walked away with 3 points they didn't deserve. So now they're 7 points clear. I sure hope that result doesn't determine the title outcome.

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    • Offside? My arse :-)

      Guys, we strangled you.

      You strangled us for 25 years and I hated it - 'Lucky' Liverpool used to win in the 89th minute after playing 'poorly.'

      Except you weren't lucky and you didn't play poorly, your guys knew how to pace things over a season and your honours board shows that/

      We learned well, we had good teachers. One day, the boot will be on the other foot, I hope not too soon.

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      • Technically Ralf I think it was offside. Vidic was ahead of Evra when he headed the initial ball. However I'm not going to complain. First off not sure anyone other than Vidic without the benefit of a replay even knew he got the final touch, so can't expect the linesman to have seen it. Second it was very, very close. For me on replay he was ahead of him, but again real time can't blame the linesman for not getting it right when they've got even more blatant calls wrong recently. But third, Evra already had Reina beat so complaining sounds like crying over spilt milk. Yes maybe technically offside, but it was poor defending up against a good ball in, and a good header from Evra, so a deserved goal.

        This will go down as Utd doing the double on us this season, but I do think for anyone who watched the match with an open mind would have seen we played you close. We dominated you at Anfield, but still lost. You dominated us first half on Sunday but only had a single goal for the effort. Second half much closer, and think it’s fair to say there was long spells in the second half when we had you rattled, but could not get the breakthrough.

        One way to gauge these things is to look to the managers. First half BR was on his feet the majority of the time, while Fergie sat quite relaxed. Second half SAF jumped up a number of times.

        But no bitterness. Right now your lot are ahead of us, actually quite a ways ahead of us unfortunately. But based on how we've played you in our two meetings, I think on our day we are a lot closer than the 24 points that separate us. The problem is we can't work out how to make it our day week in week out, while your lot work out how to make it your day almost every week, even when you’re not at your best.

      • Hi Ralf

        It was offside wasn't it?


        Don't get me wrong - Utd deserved to win the game, had a number of decisons go against them and no-one should be blaming the officials for missing it. Just a point for discussion really.