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  • Nour Nour Jan 14, 2013 18:03 Flag

    United defeat in review

    I must admit we were pretty poor yesterday especially first half. could someone explain this to me. the team that wanted the 3 point fielded 2 strikers and the team that did not played the first half with one. Its all well and good BR giving us the post match nonsense because we can see that but what is he doing about it. A lot of issues need addressing at our club i somehow dont think BR is the man to do it. I hope I am wrong.

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    • Hi Nour, dont really want to get in to the nitty gritty of BR being the man for the job, that is surely another thread in itself.

      Yes United played with 2 strikers, they were at home after all and have been playing with 2 if not 3 all season.

      Sturridge was not fit to start, he has only played the Mansfield game since Sept, Borini returned 3 days ago from a 3 month absence with a broken foot so don't know why you think we should have started with 2 strikers?