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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 14, 2013 21:05 Flag

    United defeat in review

    Pretty much agree with all of that. I just wish we'd come out with the same level of intent from the off. We just gave them way too much respect in the first half, and let them run the show. Although to be fair, while they did dominate the play, to be only 1 nil down at half time against a side that has been scoring for fun this season does say something.

    Another thing I will point out is how we set up second half. I agree with came out with a lot more urgency, and that was the primary difference between the two halves, but I was also pleased to see BR really go for it in the second half, with all of 3 of our so called strikers on the pitch at the same time. With Borini and Downing wide, Sturridge up top, and Suarez in the hole, no one can say we did not go for it, or that BR does not have a plan B. I'm wondering if we might see more of Suarez playing that role, and then let Gerard sit further back to orchestrate things.

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    • to be honest, I think BR had the team selection perfect, it was the same side I picked myself ;) It made perfect sense to play Suarez alone (its looked ok so far) and have the 2 wingers, try and control the game or at least take out the sting with possesion play. It made perfect sense to keep 2 recovering strikers on the bench, the team had already managed 7 wins in 9 without them.

      I honestly believe he got it spot on but it was the players application that let us down, they tried to rectify it after he got in their ears at halftime but was too late. I have noticed we generally start slowly and don't often score in the first half of matches, we always tend to be stronger in second half, maybe getting out of the blocks quicker is something he needs to sort out.

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      • I agree on the strikers front, it would have been crazy to start all 3 away from home and especially considering how little football either Sturridge or Borini has had in recent months. However I pointed out how impressed I was with the 3 in the second half as it’s something I'm looking forward to seeing in the future. Also I think it illustrates that BR is not afraid to go to a plan B if the A plan is not working, and there is no way anyone can say we were defensive in the second half after taking off the defensive midfielder and throwing on two strikers.

        The problem for me was application of the starting 11, and I don't know if anyone could have predicted that ahead of time, as for the most part other than Wisdom it’s the same starting 11 that has impressed in previous outings.

        But the way I look at things is we held our own, and were able to mount a fight back even if not successful. So for me while it hurts losing to MU, let’s be honest they are a better side than us right now. But there were also positives to take forward into the Norwich game and beyond, and it’s those matches that will decide our season, not a loss to the league leaders away from home.

      • We need to go at teams from the kickoff . Keep the ball then non stop attacking..