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    Team to face Norwich?

    A week to get ready for this one and I can't wait to get stuck in. We have put 10 past them in our last 2 games with Suarez racking up 6 against them so I expect them to be more then aware of any threat! They have really kicked on since we caned them last and seem a tight and organised outfit. Expecting more of the same from Suarez is probably a little unlikely. With trips to Arsenal and City up next, never more has this been the proverbial 'must win' game. We had a bit of luck with the other top 4 'contenders' all slipping up at the weekend too so we have to take the advantage and watch the fixtures unfold afterward.

    I am hoping Sturridge will be fit enough to start this one and I don't see why he won't be. I really don't know whether this will lead to a formation reshuffle but kinda hope not at this stage with Suarez playing so well.


    Subs: Jones, Carragher, Wisdom, Shelvey, Henderson, Borini, Suso

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    • No slip - ups on this one.. It's gotta be a win.. if not how can Rodgers justify his job?

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      • This is a home match where we are supposed to be at our ruthless attacking best. I notice Hobs you did not have Downing even on the bench. Any reason for that? I think for the past 4 or 5 matches, his performances have been commendable and he seems to give us some mobility on the left side. And I would go with him on left back since I think Norwich will be pegged back with the 3 pronged attack of Suarez, Sterling and Sturridge, thus putting him under limited pressure defence wise. I see a harvest of goals in this one, and Suarez could easily get his 3 again......

    • Just a thought. While I'd not want to take any match for granted, I think we can assume this should be one of our easier matches of the season, so might be a chance to experiment at least a little.

      With that in mind, Sturridge gives us a great new option, but also a potential headache as we now have two players who not only want, but have proven effective playing up top. Therefore I'm wondering if we play with our front line, and see how both Sturridge (and Borini who is now like a new player coming in) are integrated into our attack force. The goal being that we build up some chemistry and understanding between all our front line players

      So maybe not from the start, but I'd like to see this as an option at some point:


      Potentially we could switch this up by dropping Wisdom, putting Downing at LB, and playing Sterling wide of Sturridge. But the main goal is to build up an understanding between Daniel and Luis, and while I in the past felt it was crazy taking him out of the upfront role, I was impressed second half on Sunday when effect he played the free role behind Sturridge.

    • We need a scoring spree just just a simple win. We're overdue giving a team a right thrashing..

    • Same midfield I see Hobs. Doesn't Shelvey and / or Henderson deserve a shout now?

      Cross fingers we can Sturridge start now too.

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      • I think Lucas needs to keep playing to get himself together, it could take months to be fair but he needs to be in there every match for me. Gerrard is playing great again so is a no brainer.

        Allen is the question mark player right now, he started sloppy against United, I think he was scared of the occasion, I thought he stepped it up in the second half and looked quite tenacious actually, need more of that. My thinking is that I would play Hendo and Shelvey against Oldham in midweek before the Arsenal match then let them play into form. I think there is a good chance we could go 4-4-2 with Allen making way as well!