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  • Loki Loki Jan 15, 2013 19:05 Flag

    Downing says we got to get nasty! Ok....

    We can start getting nasty by dumping Downing. You know who he reminds me of? - Mark Walters! Nine terrible god-awful games, then one spectacular effort which prolongs his Liverpool career. He has skill, yes, but we have barely seen it, and now plays sometimes at LB! Not my idea of success guys.

    I hope we do keep him because we are thin on the ground in attacking areas, but come the summer? Off with him even if we have to do a Joe Cole and release him on a free.

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    • To be fair to him I not sure 1 out of 10 appearances have been decent, more that he's strung together a number of decent outings as of late and improved over his previous form. I know he did not do a lot on Sunday, but then again not many in the side did, so to single him out might be a bit rough.

      Also like most wingers I think who plays behind him has a huge impact. With Johnson behind him always a threat to cut inside or overlap on the outside he looks a much trickier customer. But with Wisdom who does not go forward as naturally as Glen he's much more often in a one on one situation, plus has to do a lot more tracking back.

      However I do think it’s highly likely he'll be off in the summer, with more quality options coming in or coming up. Who knows maybe he'll end up back at Boro if they manage to get promotion, which I think would keep everyone happy. But I won't have a go at him too much other than to say he is what he is, a decent player for his level , which is in a top half club, but not necessarily a club that has aspirations for more than just the top half.

    • Downing and the rest of the average players need to go.

      Then FSG need to dig into their pockets and really splash the cash or sell up..