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  • Seanicemanreturns Seanicemanreturns Jan 15, 2013 20:28 Flag

    5- point plan for getting that consistency

    How to destroy a perfectly good thread...........you C0CK..!

    1. Agreed sell downing
    2. Play a consistant team and formation, too much variation here, even if you only gain half points, the sytem will start to embed.
    3. Your hard man is simple, get that boy Haggerland or whatever his name is from Fulham, NOW, for a snip as he's on a free in the summer.
    4.Sterling is in favour of overload--PLUS he isnt your next Johnny Barnes, should never have been given that huge contract before the end of season, you need to look outside of him for next season to give competition....ie ???fook knows
    5.You best players need to start, Sturridge needs to take the weight of his position early, get him involved.
    6. Sign Sneider, for an older boy not only will his experience show on the pitch it will rub off on the youngsters and kick LA LA up his anus to get some motivation back........which he needs.
    7.Drop Lucas...FFS, think about it he is a fully fledged Brazilian International, an under 21 Brazilian Captain, and what does he actually do??......F All, Henderson needs games

    8.Tell your keeper to get some fire in his belly, AKA Grobbs, even Westerveld had more gutts, this guy needs to take control of his defence or fook right off

    9. employ seaniceman as manager, he knows best, armchairsofa as my assistant, so i can just beat up on him and tip him out of his chair as and when i get annoyed, and feel like it


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