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  • Loki Loki Jan 15, 2013 19:14 Flag

    5- point plan for getting that consistency

    1) Get rid of Downing - see previous thread for explanation

    2) Never ever consider playing Lucas and Allen together. They seem to be too similar for the footy Brendan wants to play

    3) Following from above, we have to get a so-called 'hard man' in the defensive midfield positon. I believe we are bullied too often here (a la Stoke game). Diame of West Ham would be good, and if its true he's available for 3.5 mil........

    4) Give Sterling a break. He's looking a bit out of his depth at the moment

    5) Sturridge must start. If you bring him on with 30 minutes to go he's only ever going to get 30 minutes. If you start him, he might just make it to the end of the game i.e get fitter quicker. I think Brendan knows he ballsed up in the United game.

    I would be interested to know of everybody's 'point plan' to get us consistency and also beating the top sides which has been a problem (forget how we've played, its the results that matter)

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    • I think FSG cleared wages like Cole, Sahin, Carroll..

      To bring in a world class player like Sneijder. Whom I would see as Gerrard's replacement. As Gerrard's legs are going he no longer can make darting runs .
      Ayre himself said we could bring in anybody we wanted. So clearly money isn't an issue.

      Having Sneijder would show our intent.. Suarez would be excited at such a transfer, therefore he'd be more inclined to stay. We also could attract other top players who otherwise would've dismissed us.

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    • Loki,

      A couple of things I believe, and I'll get to them in a second, but have to note in your bullets, it will be nearly impossible to drop both Sterling and Downing, since they are our only true wide players/wingers, especially since Assaidi has had 0 impact and is at ACON, and Suso isn't a winger..

      That said, I think their is a basic plan and I'm sure everyone has one of their own, needless to say, and quite ridiculous, for some it will be sacking Rodgers now which would make an IMMEDIATE and OVERWHELMING impact by bringing in..... Well, nobody's suggested a replacement and well, there's nobody out there..

      # 1 - I agree, Sturridge has to start. He did vs Mansfield, which was obviously not worth mentioning with Utd, but I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt having been aware of lack of fitness and potential risk, if advised by the physios. If Daniel gets hurt, especially right away, we've flushed 12M down the toilet. But, now, or Norwich, absolutely.

      # 2 - Perhaps doing a "Barca" (very poor man's version of course) with 3 strikers or 2 natural, 1 defacto in Suarez (not a bad one I might add) Borini left to cut in, Sturridge center and to interchange, and Suarez right and to interchange. The quicker and more time the 3 of them get to play together, like we saw with quite some success, despite some others with the persistent bashing of Borini despite missing 4 months and actually playing very well in his 15, they will develop a great understanding, and Borini in particular would benefit the most because unlike earlier in the year out wide, he wouldn't be deployed as an attacking winger, but a striker who can cut in, or poach in the box with LS and DS dribbling/creativity.

      # 3 Sterling perhaps given a role in the "hole" or 10 spot.. he actually created our goal in the Utd match from that position, and not out wide, picking a short pass to Gerrard whose shot led to the goal.. He'd get a lighter workload, and have more freedom, plus create alot more trouble for a holding mid or cb to mark him, rather than a full back the likes of Evra, Cole, Baines and many others.. He's improving but years away..

      # 4 If perhaps actually benching both Downing and Sterling and using the 3 striker system, include Suso in the advanced CAM 10 spot.. That's his natural position, he shined at the Spain U-21s there, and with him picking a pass or dribbling into the box and 3 finishers in front, that could be quite problematic.

      # 5 If staying with the similar type formation and not using any of the above, get Lucas fit and start him deep with Gerrard who's bang in form, and IF Allen is also to play, perhaps advance him forward, since he's good on the ball, and a clever player. Right now, they're both unfit and out of form, so to have them both "holding" and both innefective at it, is causing problems.

      # 6 Start Gerrard and Henderson in the deep mid. Aside from Gerrard, Jordan has been the most effective and consistent mid of all the lot, and his pace, energy, work rate and improved man on man play, should keep him in there until one of the other 3 displaces him.

      # 7 Sack Rodgers and play without a manager..

      # 8 As armchair suggested, buy Sneijder, Villa, Cavani, loan Kaka, and if there's a little bit left, buy Torres as well.

      # 9 Sack Rodgers

      # 10 Sack Rodgers

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      • How to destroy a perfectly good thread...........you C0CK..!

        1. Agreed sell downing
        2. Play a consistant team and formation, too much variation here, even if you only gain half points, the sytem will start to embed.
        3. Your hard man is simple, get that boy Haggerland or whatever his name is from Fulham, NOW, for a snip as he's on a free in the summer.
        4.Sterling is in favour of overload--PLUS he isnt your next Johnny Barnes, should never have been given that huge contract before the end of season, you need to look outside of him for next season to give competition....ie ???fook knows
        5.You best players need to start, Sturridge needs to take the weight of his position early, get him involved.
        6. Sign Sneider, for an older boy not only will his experience show on the pitch it will rub off on the youngsters and kick LA LA up his anus to get some motivation back........which he needs.
        7.Drop Lucas...FFS, think about it he is a fully fledged Brazilian International, an under 21 Brazilian Captain, and what does he actually do??......F All, Henderson needs games

        8.Tell your keeper to get some fire in his belly, AKA Grobbs, even Westerveld had more gutts, this guy needs to take control of his defence or fook right off

        9. employ seaniceman as manager, he knows best, armchairsofa as my assistant, so i can just beat up on him and tip him out of his chair as and when i get annoyed, and feel like it