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  • Loki Loki Jan 15, 2013 19:14 Flag

    5- point plan for getting that consistency

    1) Get rid of Downing - see previous thread for explanation

    2) Never ever consider playing Lucas and Allen together. They seem to be too similar for the footy Brendan wants to play

    3) Following from above, we have to get a so-called 'hard man' in the defensive midfield positon. I believe we are bullied too often here (a la Stoke game). Diame of West Ham would be good, and if its true he's available for 3.5 mil........

    4) Give Sterling a break. He's looking a bit out of his depth at the moment

    5) Sturridge must start. If you bring him on with 30 minutes to go he's only ever going to get 30 minutes. If you start him, he might just make it to the end of the game i.e get fitter quicker. I think Brendan knows he ballsed up in the United game.

    I would be interested to know of everybody's 'point plan' to get us consistency and also beating the top sides which has been a problem (forget how we've played, its the results that matter)

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