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  • Hobitez Hobitez Jan 16, 2013 10:06 Flag

    Gazumped by Southampton again.

    Firstly, Gaston Ramirez had agreed personal terms then LFC pulled out of the deal because of the agents monster fee, he has been injured most of the season so doesnt look too much of a problem.
    Gylfi Sigurdson has flopped so far at Spurs as largely has Clint Dempsey, who by the way, by not becoming a LFC player has unearthed Raheem Sterling by not occupying his position.

    You haven't seen Forren play, nor even heard of him before so what is the point of your post? He is a solid defender but lacking in pace, the only plan for signing him is because Coates is desperate to go out on loan to get some football and we need cover. Personally, I vastly prefer Coates to Forren anyway so if Southampton want to keep paying over the odds for players then good luck to them and their bank account.

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    • I don't doubt any of that but it does have the sound of the jilted girlfriend about it. Is it better to think that players LFC go after but choose to go to other clubs are really no good after all?


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      • Ha ha, I think you may have a point but I can barely see it with these glasses being so red.

        Gaston Ramirez and Sigurdson both had me a bit fuming, I rated both those players and we never addressed the no.10 role during the summer even when temporarily trying to patch it up with Dempsey late on, it was clearly something we were planning to do. Ramirez went Southampton for the money whilst Siggy went Spurs for the same, that is absolutely fine by them if it is what they want to do. This guy though, he is being bought as cover in the 1st place so to miss out on him is no biggy for me, I am sure he will be happier playing 1st team football then not playing at all. He probably found it a bit insulting being offered a trial, who does that anymore except for kids and relics?

      • Your right it is a bit presumption to assume any player who does not want to play for LFC is no good. However a player who would prefer to go to a relegation battler rather than us, I do think its question mark whether they would be good for us, at least good enough to actually have a positive impact on the team.