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  • Colyn Colyn Jan 17, 2013 10:07 Flag

    Gazumped by Southampton again.

    Firstly the Sneijder thing is not dead I'm lead to believe. Good I say. Why? I have a couple of reasons.

    Firstly a player of that ilk (playing as we all know he can and fit) will make a huge difference to our team. We will not be a title winning side but it will make a difference and I believe his addition might make the difference between 7-8th place and 5-6th. That's a big step up as it gets harder up there.

    Secondly most of you know that I firmly believe that the midfield is key to any teams success. I believe that if you have a spongey midfield, you wont succeed. Sneidjer, playing well can fill that void in our team. He can and does dictate play, he fits within the Rodgers style of pass, move and maintain possession. He could fit my profile of a midfield general. A player we certainly need.

    Thirdly, he is a marquee signing that people will notice. Remember Robinho going to City. That signing (even though we're all sure he was going to the other side of Manchester) made people notice City and it showed their intent. Sneidjer may have a similar effect. You only need to see how many column inches there are in the paper about his signature.

    Also, We need another leader on the pitch! A player that gives some direction to the younger players in the team. They will notice and learn from him. Allen in particular would benefit greatly from him. As an example I believe that Ramsey at Arsenal really developed playing around Fabregas. Both were young but you can see that Ramsey was trying to play the same way.

    Lastly is exposure and publicity. He is a player that everyone knows about. The publicity will be a good thing.

    The downsides are the risks I guess. He hasn't played in a while and there's talk that he hasn't hit the same levels of two years ago. He's 28-29 years old I believe so there should be a year or two left in the tank I would think. Perhaps more if we look at Gerrard, Lampard etc.

    Wages will be interesting as we cant and it's probably suicide to match his Ineter wages or Gallatasaray offer. I did hear that he was willing to take a cut for the right club.

    We'll see............