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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 17, 2013 14:18 Flag

    Gazumped by Southampton again.

    I do agree with almost all of that when it comes to assessing what the player can deliver. However the key piece here which I was trying to point out to Sofa and Mel is what is all that worth?

    To be honest I'm not sure myself, but I am pretty sure it does not add up to the just under 200K per week Inter give him right now, and I'm not even sure (assuming reports are correct) it equals the 160K a week the Turkish giants have offered him.

    Now I'm not saying we only take him if we can get him on the cheap, but I am saying we only pay him what we think he's actually worth. We've freed up 90k+ a week by getting rid of Cole (who was not adding much) so we have some freedom to bring in a player on higher wages (assuming he can actually contributes), but we should not buy just because the player is a nice shiny thing, at any price, but only if we see real value.