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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 16, 2013 20:22 Flag

    Pep Guardiola

    It is a bit of a surprise that he's decided to go to Germany, but it would have been even more surprising that lightening striking twice if he'd come to us!

    But in hindsight maybe this actually does make sense. When you think about it, Pep had one of the ultimately stable jobs at Barca, and was at one of the best run clubs in the world. By going to Bayern he's telling the world that he wants to be at a big club, but also part of an organization that is stable, traditional, with the entire club moving in the direction laid out by its leader.

    I do think that is what City is aiming to achieve with its major off field investments, but it’s not there yet. Chelsea would of course pay him extremely well, and provided a huge transfer budget, but would have been as stable as a child’s rocking horse. But I also think there is another club in the UK he might have been (or will be interested in the future) interested. But until a certain old Scotsman with a purple nose retires that job opportunity is just not available.