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    Pep Guardiola

    To LFC?

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    • So he's not after "building a legacy" as he claims at all.

      He wants to join a club thats all set and all he has to do is let the team pick itself..

      Hardly the sign of a good manager. He wants a cushy job.
      I'd like to see him take on a struggling team lets say LFC for example..

      As we're struggling atm.. Then see if he can bring a club like ours years and years of success.. If he can then I'd say he's a good manager..

    • Honestly, I don't know but I do know that I really really really wanted to be a fly on the wall in Abramovich's office whenhe found out.

    • It begs the question to me where does this leave the merry-to-round that is the manager’s sack race in England:

      Who does Chelsea target now, or will they stick with Rafa

      Assuming Mancini is on ice that is melting do they stick with him one more season despite an early exit from Europe, the ongoing Mancini/Balotelli saga, and especially if he cannot overcome Utd lead in the league.

      And, of course where does this leave good out Mourinho, who is an almost certain to be leaving Madrid this summer. So how long before Sofa starts a thread: Jose - LFC?

    • I agree Hobs. He's gone where he stands more than a decent chance of maintaining his reputation as a top coach. For me he's still largely unproven because he's never really had a tough time of it.

      At Chelsea the internal politics and risk of upsetting the man upstairs makes the position a bit risky and then there's the whole question of what is teh actual managers role at Chelsea. I'd question if they pick transfer targets for example.

      City I thought would get him due to the Spanish connections there already. but your comment on Ferguson rings true. I agree that he'll replace Fergy one day.

    • I think he has made a very easy choice. He is going to a side who went to the final of the champs league, probably the best team in the competition last year? (Apologies Robert, Natalia, whatever) They are destroying their league this season and have genuinely world class players, perhaps as many as 8 plus a stackfull on the next tier down. The current manager must be puzzled.

      He has gone for guaranteed success, and I dont blame him, that's what players do too. I expect he will stay there 2 years then we will see him at Fegie's funeral before being unveiled there.

    • Actually as a side note this ruins a thread I was thinking of putting up on the manc board, asking them if Pep had wanted to come to Utd how many of the faithful would be in favor of pushing Fergie out (or upstairs) to early retirement in order to bring him in, versus taking a pass on the Catalan even if that meant they had maybe ruled him out at any time in the future if he decided to take the City job instead.

      But maybe I'll be able to use it in the future after he's won everything on offer in Germany and decides to take another year off to recharge his batteries.

    • It is a bit of a surprise that he's decided to go to Germany, but it would have been even more surprising that lightening striking twice if he'd come to us!

      But in hindsight maybe this actually does make sense. When you think about it, Pep had one of the ultimately stable jobs at Barca, and was at one of the best run clubs in the world. By going to Bayern he's telling the world that he wants to be at a big club, but also part of an organization that is stable, traditional, with the entire club moving in the direction laid out by its leader.

      I do think that is what City is aiming to achieve with its major off field investments, but it’s not there yet. Chelsea would of course pay him extremely well, and provided a huge transfer budget, but would have been as stable as a child’s rocking horse. But I also think there is another club in the UK he might have been (or will be interested in the future) interested. But until a certain old Scotsman with a purple nose retires that job opportunity is just not available.

    • I suspect it's unlikely, whether or not he's given a permanent contract.


    • Sur Furgs eggs are irrelevant, Faberge or not. The big question now is does this mean that Rafa will be Chelsea's manager next year too, perminante??

    • As it happens, I know someone who has limited edition Faberge eggs made to commemorate sporting teams and occasions, and sells them for ten grand a pop to raise money for football related charities. Fergie has several of famous United players of the past.


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