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  • colin colin Jan 17, 2013 20:15 Flag

    The reality..

    Dave...yes u answer to Sofa does make sense but as u say spending on infrastructure doesnt count towards FFP regs. So therefore what Sofa is saying about John Henry selling to a rich Sheik actually does make sense. Why ? Because that Sheik can spend all he wants on a huge 80,000 seater stadium built via 3 round the clock shifts creating a big chunk of employment in the process and during this time we can empty the lists waiting for season tickets on a first come first served basis and voila the club is earning oddles of cash and is fully in compliance with FFP. We might then also be able to compete with Chelski Citeh and UniTURD...IN THE IMMEDIATE TERM ! Which means we could afford to bring in World Class talent such as Cavanni as opposed to Squad Dross like Borini !