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  • colin colin Jan 18, 2013 00:50 Flag

    The reality..

    Dave ...dont like to say this but wasnt that a nasty bit of stereotyping of a certain race of people there at the end of u post ?
    OK No 1...yes I do think a new stadium is the way fw where the long term is concerned and if we agree on that point then the sooner that is put into operation and ground is broken the better the more procrastination there is in accepting the fact the further we will fallbehind our opposition. Citeh picked up on it as did Arsenal Chelski are looking to do it UniTURD tippled to it long ago and converted their stadium to hold 78000 so....wanting to exceed their capacity by 2000 is "unrealistic" ? Sometimes u HAVE to think big. I believe a big factor in the impressive home record at Fortress Anfield in te past was the incredible passion and noise generated by the 12th Man .... This could return with a
    80,000 capacity there is a waiting list of some 45,000 for season tickets by my reckoning addd that to the 45,000 current capacity and u have 90,000...so u would still even with an 80,000 capacity still have a waiting list of some 10,000 for season tickets...then allow for the fact a certain amount of those seats MUST be reserved for away support...r u starting to get the picture ? Or can we think only like operators of the local 7/11 store in Podunk town somewhere Mid West where the only thing that is of any import is how to increase the bottm like and the hell with football fans and the passion they bring to their clubs ?
    In Germany recently fans of all clubs in Bundesliga came togethr and held a protest against govt interference in their passion and against the accusations govt made against "fan culture" and throughout the Bundesliga on 12...12 ...12 they observed throughout all Bundesliga grounds 12 mins silence during the matches that day to show what football in the Bundesliga would be without fan culture...thing is Im a fan NOT a feckin shopkeeper and I want to see LFC ....back at the...TOP !