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    The reality..

    .. of modern football is if we wanna win titles we need:

    1 owners that can splash the cash on players who can do the business, and not penny pinch and expect cheapy youngsters to do the job.

    2. A manager with drive and ambition and with the skills and ambition to do make us a force again (sorry Brendan thats not you nor will it ever).

    3. A huge stadium in which to pull in the fans and add to further revenue on top players.

    4. Improve our status worldwide so we get monies from foreign countries.

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    • Sofa, I know I and others have encouraged you to do a little research on FFP in the past so you can get a basic understanding of what the new regulations are, and the constraints on spending they will create.

      However that seems to have fallen on deaf ears, so let’s try a different approach.

      I assume you live on a budget of some kind, even if you don't formally write down all you’re income and outgoings. I also assume you can understand the basics of how a company keeps its books, including adding up earnings, taking away outgoings or costs, before ending up with a number that is something like profit.

      So in that light, please tell me what happens to you if you spend more than you take in? If what you spend on rent or a house payment, what you spend on food, clothing, and other expenses is actually more than whatever earnings you have, how do you finance the difference?

      Now I know your answer is both 1 and 3 in your points, that is get yourself a really rich sheik to give you the money, and then build a shiny new stadium. But is that really realistic? Let's leave aside that FFP does not allow the sheik to just to write you cheques, do you really think there are many people in the world who are willing to just hand over 50M or more every year plus stump us 400M or more so you can sit in a nice shiny stadium and watch the over paid players their money bought?

      Let's go back to the analogy and ask yourself if you are living beyond your means, and you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to give you money to make up the difference, how long do you think they'd keep handing over cash so you can dress up in nice cloths and drive around in a car you can't afford?

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      • Ok then Steer.. answer this one for me why is it that Man City & Chelsea can just go out and buy the best players?

        Are they playing fair to FFP?

        As it seems rather unfair that we're trying to control our budget )LFC) yet they're able to spend willy nilly..

        As for my own income thats my own business and not privvy to discussion on a public forum.

      • ...stererage are you dumb as you sound

        sofa DOSENT HAVE TO spend any money on rent etc
        he gets it all paid for by the state
        he sits in that fancy souped up drag machine scamming of the tax payer for everything

        FFS, wise up, thank fook i earned enough to retire at 40 and not pay any more money into that QUNTS internet fund, of which is paid for and he gets a new laptop every 3 years cos of his dyslexia

        WHAT A QUNT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so how the foook do you expect it to understand what you have asked never mind have even the remotist football conversation

        it took the QUNT 10 yrs to support lfc....................that says it all


    • And here we are. We have now fully circumvented the sofa.

      1. FSG did that. We bought Carroll, Downing and Henderson. Go figure! How would it fit with FFP?

      2. And how long does it take to change a clubs position? How long would you give the new manager?

      3. Didn't we discuss this some time ago?

      4. FSG are doing that already.

      Read the article below and tell me if you were around at that time if you were asking for Shankly's head in 1961 when after 18 months in charge he hadn't won the league; and in 1967 when Liverpool didn't win the league title and didn't actually win it again until 1972-73.


    • LFC SOFA...agree fully with first 3 points not so sure about the validity of u last point.

    • Loki I do love my club thats why it saddens me that we're doing so poorly, and other clubs around us spend like no tomorrow.

      Is it wrong of me to want my beloeved club LFC to wanna be up therer matching Man City & Chelsea pound for pound .. on every transfer.

      Rather than settling for the players at the bottom of the pile.

    • Sure, if we can get someone to part with 400M plus to build us a brand new shiny stadium it would help us no end.

      But let’s live in the real world. Do you really know many people who would lay out that sort of cash? Even Roman was looking for a deal in developing a new Stadium so who thinks we can find someone even more willing to just throw money at a hobby (which is what this person would have to view football as, because it’s no business model I've ever heard of) than the Russian.

      But put that aside, while it would surely help, would it really be a silver bullet?

      First off 80K is out of the question, we had (maybe still have) planning permission for 60K. So that is just over 15K more seats a season. So let’s assume 50 quid a ticket on average and what maybe 25 to 30 home games if we have good cup runs, so between 19 and 22M extra a year. Not bad, but not sure an extra 20M a year will transform us overnight.

      But you wanted 80K seater, and let’s just dispel reality for a moment because to get that size stadium we'll need major upgrades in local infrastructure (widening roads, bus lanes, even light rail) for planning approval. Since the council is not going pay for it our rich new Arab friend will have to, to the tune of I don't know maybe a billion or 1.5B.

      Now that might actually help, because again 50 quid a ticket and now an extra 35K extra seats (assuming we sell out for every home game which is a big assumption when you’re trying to sell that many tickets) but that translates into 44 to 52M extra a year.

      So what about a year to actually build the stadium, at least another 6 months to see the money start coming in and then we can start spending big in the transfer market. Now it took City about 3 years from when the big spending began to break into the top 4, and then another to actually win the title. So that puts us on target for a title win in about 5 years. Sound good!

      Or just for fun, how about adding a modest number of seats to Anfield, and upgrading the current facilities so we can earn more from what we've got. We get just under 900 quid per seat per year, while Chelsea with fewer seats actually gets just over 1600 per seat per year. Now part of that is because of London prices, but part is because they just have more luxury boxes and premium seats.

      But what it translates to is almost 30M extra each year in match day revenues. (Just so you know size doesn't matter as Newcastle has 7K more seats than us but brings in 8M less per year in match day revenues).

      Now do you think that might be realistic? Do you think an extra 20-30M a year in transfer funds might help? And would you prefer we are owned by someone who wants to keep us as we earn them money, rather than someone who just sees his bank account getting smaller each year, and might change his mind about his love of LFC if his 3rd wife or 16th son suddenly asks for a new mega yacht?

    • Do Chelsea & Man City & Man Utd care about FFP? It sure doesn't seem that way.

      I feel the FFP is toothless. Sure it may mean well.. Answer this..

      What do we have to gain by following FFP rules? As it seems to me it's not doing us any favours at all.

      As long as other clubs aren't complying with it then why should we? All it's doing is hurting our league position and players we get in. We could have far better players and our league position and our standing in world football as well as our fanbase worldwide would be significantly better.

    • Ignoring the hyperbole, so do I. But Benitez needs some better home results than he's/we've been getting.


    • Ok let's say you're correct. We will never win the title. Do you really believe its as simple as us protesting against a manager who the owners can replace at the drop of a hat?

      How do you get rid of them?
      How do you get someone to agree to their selling price?

      Something tells me that the way we dealt with the other Americans wouldn't be successful with these guys. By the way having a drink before every game with lots of people, or even the phone ins, I don't recall hearing one person moaning about our owners, just 5 people max on here. What do you think of that?

    • ha ha, I am glad someone enjoyed it, I personally found myself very funny. Ok, if we are going like this....

      Chelsea FC is like Anna Nicole Smith. Never quite the big story but attractive nonetheless, skint with her looks beggining to fade she married a multi millionaire who developed an obssesion for an acquired taste of pretty. He spent millions on making her happy, firing employee after employee whilst blowing astonishing amounts on new jewelery and clothes. In the end, Mr Marshall died and left her what she thought was a fortune, she dwindled into chaos and eventually died ending the sorry tale of financed happiness.

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