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    The reality..

    .. of modern football is if we wanna win titles we need:

    1 owners that can splash the cash on players who can do the business, and not penny pinch and expect cheapy youngsters to do the job.

    2. A manager with drive and ambition and with the skills and ambition to do make us a force again (sorry Brendan thats not you nor will it ever).

    3. A huge stadium in which to pull in the fans and add to further revenue on top players.

    4. Improve our status worldwide so we get monies from foreign countries.

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    • Ok but lets assume then that "one time deal" gives us the capital to build or extend the amount of seating to 60,000+..

      Then the extra income from the increased ticket sales &increased revenue from those buying food at the ground.. isn't that worth it'?

      As we'll have a long term stadium size from 45,000 to 60,000+ ..

    • Because Armchair, other wise known as Peter, if I am correct in his name, says so. He's explained quite enough times now..

      That's how. There are certain things in life that cannot be explained.. ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, the lochness monster, the Bermuda Triangle, Jimmy Hoffa and the new Stanley Park..

      End of.

    • Here we go again. The Sums don't work Colin.

      On the rich list thread we earned £240 odd million as a club. We aren't making much profits so our out goings are of a similar value.

      Anfield makes £35 million out of that £240m. That's all. Add 15,000 seats and maybe you get it up to £50m. It's just not significant. Based on an extra £15m a year you'll be paying for a £400m stadium for 20-30 years!

      Tell me how that works because I don't see it!

    • DAVE..iM FULLY AWARE NOT MANY WANT TO WATCH womens soccer over there the only thing that surprises me is that ANY want to watch it !
      As for agreeing to disagree sounds right to me. As I said thing is if u put out u own money to build a stadium you will have the aditional earnings over increased capacity up until the day u sell the franchise then for sure the owners have their money back in total for the stadium plus... so cant see the problem here unless of course they dont have deep pockets and are not too well off and cant afford to invest that kind of money.

    • Can never be sure who a comment is immediately directed at, but if me, thanks Hobs mate!

      Though, I have to say, if it were me making the statement you ended your post with: ("I tell you one thing for sure, I feel prouder of my club now then I did in the last year of Rafa, the 6 months of Woy and the last 6 months of Kenny") the glass half empty brigade would be ready to ban me from the board, while trying to throw our crap manager and crap owners in the garbage..

      I'll even add to it, only because you said it first, and it's a shame because I wanted him (KK), I absolutely could not wait for last season to end.. I could barely stand to sit through 90" in that woeful second half. Whatever our results are now, which happen to be 4 wins in 5, I am genuinely excited, and usually very proud (exceptions w/ Villa Stoke Arsenal)

      That said, you made a point I've tried doing, but again the glass half empty brigade have actually smashed their glass and nearly held the shards to my throat.. Rodgers is learning, and for all the complaints of him calling players out, and "LACK" of man management, we're seeing a player in specific like Downing come out and verbally state that he was THANKFUL for it, and it resulted in him upping his performances. He has, 1 goal and 2 assists in the league this year, which are 1 goal and 2 assists more than he had his entire 36 league games played last year.. But I guess that's nothing to do with BR..

      Then of course there was the funny Rodgers vs Sterling thread, where BR said some things publically, and were a little stand off-ish, yet strangely, Raheem put pen to paper for a 5 year deal and less wages than some other clubs would have offered shortly after..

      My my... how strange indeed.. god forbid we think of the wasted 12M on Sturridge that Spuds"Babe" so astutely pointed out, that we only got him because nobody else wanted him.. Point well made by the "Babe"... one can only hope he goes on to prolifics like Gylfi who Rodgers was also at fault for letting slip through our fingers.. I'm hearing early rumblings over here, that Gylfi will be on the short list for the Ballon d'Or 2013 with Moussa Dembele and that World Class Defender Lorren our unintelligent, poor owners let go to Southampton for 5M..

      I absolutely hate, hate, hate and despise what they've done with the Red Sox, but if we get even 80% of the success they have, we'll all be happy like kids in a candy store..


    • Colin, maybe it is best we agree to disagree on what the business plan should be. I'll continue to support the owners if they implement the same or a similar plan that has brought them great success in the past, and you can advocate something different.

      btw, not many want to watch women’s soccer, that was the point. The league went belly up, so is a good example of not all American sports franchises increasing in value.

    • DAVE...WHERE Americansand their biz plans are concerned we are divided by a common language and hey wtf wants to watch WOMENS SOCCER ffs ?

    • Dave, always loved that one as a little boy, and great analogy, though I think it will pass like a fart in the wind. Having seem the notion of selling the Sox, and you mentioning my name, I'm tossing this in..

      Sofa's idea of them selling The Red Sox to just fork over that cash for LFC is ridiculous

      Without knowing a single thing about him, what makes you think John Henry would want to, let alone even consider that? In some fantasy land, or Eutopian wold called Sofa, perhaps things would be like that at the snap of the finger, but here's a real brain buster for ya..

      What if John Henry sold the Red Sox, used all 900M of the proceeds to build your 80K seat stadium (not ready in 3-4 years) and the rest on the squad and new manager, let's say 400M, and next year and the year after we were still in 7th/8th place at this point in the season? What would be your solution then? Sheiks with oil money and another 400M squad investment?

      As Dave pointed out, and I'll elaborate further, but I know these will go in in one ear and out the other..

      - JWH Purchased the Sox for 1/3 of what they're valued at now.
      - Fenway used to hold around 32K seats, it now holds around 39K, ONLY
      - He hired the youngest GM in MLB history to over see the rebuilding process, Theo Epstein 32 years old, considered a terrific sports mind, for the long haul (see BR)
      - In roughly 13-14 years, Red Sox have won the most Championships in baseball.
      - Red Sox have won the most games in baseball.
      - Red Sox have won the most playoff games in baseball.
      - Red Sox have become the highest revenue generating club in baseball, surpassing my New York Yankees, who play in a 55K seat stadium with the highest payroll, and biggest media market there is.

      All done, while surpassing the Yankees, who in the same time, have only won 1 World Championship, despite having the highest payroll and the larger stadium.

      I HATE the Red Sox, but the man behind them and their success, is an absolute genius, his name is John Henry, and I don't like him either. For those who will go and look at last year's results or the year before, American sports are cyclical.. you can only stay good for so long before players age, decline and fall apart while stuck on their massive, overpaid contracts, so I think the Sox faithful were ok with 10-11 years of dominance while they're not re-entering ANOTHER rebuilding process under JWH.. Similar to_______?

      Do any of the bullet points or tid bits of what he and FSG did, seem to resemble our club at all ? Granted there is no guarantee, but considering we've not made CL in 3 years, probably 4, Europe in only 2, yet we're 9th among the Rich list, and we continue to sign record endorsements, sponsorships and shirt deals, something's going right off the pitch, while we try to fix on the pitch as a result of that..

      Again, I have no vested interest in the guy whatsoever, and because I hate the Sox, I technically dislike him too, but I know two things.. the guy is really smart, and more than that, he really, really LOVES to win.

    • "They'd get their money back over time"

      I know you said in another threat that maths is not your area of strength, but how long do you think it would take to get their money back?

      Above we're looking at an owner to come in and spend over £2B of their own money to build us a stadium, and improve the squad so we can be in a position to challenge for the title in 3 or 4 years from now. In return they’d get maybe about an extra £30 or £40M a year in revenue.

      If the new owners, once we won the title decided to try to earn their money back, it would take them over 50 years of collecting that extra revenue (which means no additional investment in the squad) to add up to £2B. Does not sound like a very good investment to me.

    • They'd get their money back over time DSteer.. in the meantime LFC would have a stadium the fans and Liverpool itself would be very proud of.

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