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    Wesley Sneijder - Rumour does not want to go away......

    Until he signs for another team, it looks like we will continue to be linked with him. His wages were a stumbling block, but Galatasaray has confirmed that their offer was below Euro 5.5m per annum, translating to under Euro 105k per week, which is under 90k pounds. Honestly we can match that.

    I am surprised there hasn't been much talk about that on the blogs. Is it because people don't see it happening? Jason, what's the gossip on that across the pond?

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    • Meaning goals scored in individual games, separating from games like one where Cavani had 4 ?

      That could skew it a little since Utd may and Atletico may play the most games with Fa Cup / Copa Del Rey, then CL and EL..
      PSG would have the least, then Napoli and Liverpool aka the Uruguayan destroyers, Cavani and Suarez, would be tbd..

      I think ultimately if you're just talking best striker, it's (IMO) total goals for the club (I removed all Int'l play btw), goals avg per game, and then some weight on particular goals, like a trophy winner, or brace in a game leading to a trophy/title...

      But, all subjective too.. for me aside from backing it up statistically, and all around play, it's Cavani, but for someone else, or alot of someone else's because of La Liga, it's Faclao. Much as I hate him and them, Rvp could split the difference too and be the winner. It's a fun topic and they're all great, plus in, or entering their prime!

    • I would suggest how many games they score in should be a factor.

    • Colin/Loki,

      It is alarmingly low, but then again, the players the ilk of Cavani, Falcao and then into the CR / Messi that have the insanse clauses near 50-60++. That said, Suarez was quite wasteful last year despite his numerous chances whereas this year, he is flat out lethal, pretty close to what we saw with Torres in his best.. Had they known this in hindsight, 20/20, it would be 50+..

      Colin, regarding your comment on Suarez top 5, vehemently agree.. Here would be my top 5 at the moment (Europe) which I don't count Messi or Crissy as strikers..

      - Cavani: 26 goals in 23 games all comp for Napoli.
      - Van Persie: 22 goals in 23 games all comp for Manure.
      - Falcao: 22 goals in 21 games all comp for Atletico.
      - Suarez: 20 goals in 26 games all comp for Liverpool.
      - Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 22 goals in 26 games all comp for PSG.

      Should be interesting to see who of these 5, along with anyone else who just missed out, like Robert Lewondowski of Dortmund etc., will finish the highest.. I suppose games played would come into play, so then perhaps goals per game would be the decider, along with how their team finishes in various competitions..

    • Oh it's alarming alright but I guess that was the price to be paid for him signing a new deal. Ayre should have made it 50 mil at least! We've got until the end of next season at the latest to get in the CL or he will be off - I wouldn't blame him. He'd be 28 and at the peak of his powers. We don't want an unhappy player no matter what they've done (remember Torres).

    • Loki...no didnt know that was his release clause ??? Thats pretty alarming dont u think ?

    • Jason...Ive been a big Cavanni fan for a long time now and would be ecstatic if he ever hooked upwith Louis Suarez here ! BUT Im a big believer in the value of on field partnerships a la Keegan Toshack and Rush Dalglish so Im hoping for great things from Suarez Sturridge..you never know eh. Just hope if Suarez is ever sold it isnt in the manner that we saw atthe start of the season where Andy C disappeared for no money down just to save on his wages and NOTHING appeared to take his place for the kick off to the season ? btw for the record I think Louis is currently one of the five best forwards out there in world football.

    • Colin,
      I understand your trepidation on FSG still, and there's nothing I can do to sway you, nor would I since I don't know them personally, only have seen what they've done personally over 13-14 years here and to the penultimate success..

      That said, I do have to point out one thing here, and nobody's ever mentioned it that I recall, and it does put some stop/breaks on them being quite so skint.. Without knowing a blessed thing about football, aside from the shape of the ball and name of the club, they did shatter the LFC club transfer record, out of their own pockets, without a sell first, on a certain "Luis Suarez" for close to 24M.. exceeding Torres..

      From there, they did allow all the Torres money to be re-invested, plus the additional funds they gave in the summer for Downing, Adam, Enrique, Henderson without questions asked.. So again, I know with all the recent wage talk, and not spending so big recently, I believe once the season ends, the right mix of players exists in house, wages are in order, we'll see some 15-20+ buys, who are class, not just potential but existing contributors.. Just my 2 cents so hopefully that gives them a little more room to breathe..

      Regarding Suarez, it's paper talk and because his agent is the same as Pep's who is Pep's brother.. if you recall there were rumors he'd try to bring him to Barcelona. Whether that bid happens or not, time will tell, but if Torres was worth 50m when we sold him just finding good form, than Suarez is worth 60M.

      And, while I can't promise anything, my affinity aside, if we were to actually sell Suarez and then re-invest it all and try to lure Cavani, we'd not miss a beat, and see a striker in front of the nets like we'd seen two of Torres in his prime. He is an absolute freak of nature, and has it all in his locker at age 25, and as we stand, I think he's a goal or two off Messi for the season tally, while playing in the slow, boring, defensive minded Serie A.. You get him in a game where it's wide open, stylish play, revolved around him, and I can't imagine what he might do to the nets..

      But for now, let's be happy with what we've got in Suarez and Sturridge and cling to a dream that perhaps we'd get Cavani some day on the premise he'd come to link up with his buddy Suarez.. After all, his agent, Claudio Annelucci said in exact quotes (despite Cavani saying he's staying at Napoli), that he'd talk to Liverpool and Arsenal, and he's not interested in the flash and glory.. referring to the other teams who'd dangle boatloads of salary, and just allure of CL..

      Here's to enjoying what we do have, and hoping for a alot more to come boys!! Cheers!

    • Colin, talking of the £40 mil for Luis, you do know that that figure is his release clause don't you? I'm not slagging him off insisting that be in there, and I agree that it is small change for a player who I think is the third best in the world (even Carra said that), but that was put in to his new contract as a little insurance should we not make the Champions League anytime soon.

    • Thats it he's signed elsewhere.. Shame as he'd have set alight LFC.. Now we need to look elsewhere..

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      • I don't think it was ever realistic, just a matter of journos being crafty after the previous years of being linked with United, now linking to us.. Financially we could have never made him happy, and now that he's officially signed for Galatassaray, we can drop this story, and focus on what we hope will be Ince, perhaps Butland, and if Coutinho is real, as a back up plan for Ince, then I'll hope it's true so long as it doesn't steal from summer money..

        Less than 2 weeks to go of this nonsense.. tick tock..

    • With Cole and others off our books we should be easily able to afford him.

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