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  • Jason Jason Jan 17, 2013 22:54 Flag

    Are Yanks better than Arabs (or any other rich oil tycoons)?


    I know you're not attempting to go down any particular road, having come accustomed to speaking with you, and your style, but I'm a little surprised, or caught off guard by this topic and while I am responding (regardless of being American, really!), I'm actually not sure how to respond, or what you're saying outside of the money from foreigners (Yanks, Arab, Russian etc), and the few domestic owners remaining..

    I suppose one question I have, which I can research but again, just a generality.. how many (assuming only epl) domestic owners/chairmen are there? Kenwright, Levy, Whelan are the first that come to mind, and I know there are others, but it seems not many like there was in the old days..

    Another question is, is it due to the economics in UK (Europe) to where there just aren't that many millionaires/billionaires over there, and that many more around the world who are interested, love or care about football... of course aside from the ones Armchair knows, leading us to his answer that yes Arabs are the best (purely money based)..

    The domestic owners and chairman that remain, really don't seem to have the means to secure the funds or finances to generate the funds and compete with you you're referring to..

    So, while if you're looking for glory, and we already have the history, then I suppose in our case in this current state of time, wealthy Shieks or whatever you want to refer to them as to be politically correct, would be our quick route to the top. But, remember in those dark days when the 2 cancers H&G almost took the club into administration, it came down to Henry and FSG, and a wealthy man from Asia who was a fashion designer and known as a United Supporter.. So in that case, we probably got it right there..

    Let's say City bottom out in 2-3 years.. and we find ourself amongst the top 2-3 in the table just about fighting for a title, was it worth it for City to end up falling apart, and us having struggled a bit, but ending up top notch in all aspects.. Winning, trophies, financially sound, and a future when they sell?

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    • You are One hundred percent right Dave, the owners out to make money out of the club are not that bad at all, Hicks and Gillett being the best examples. Two of the finest owners that we have ever had .........

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      • mel n ..YES...H+G ...Soon forgotten but they too were looking to enforce their "business model" and make money out of our club.
        FSG were and ARE opportunists who saw the chance to jump in and buy the club on the cheap ...not on the day I know but in the longer term they knew it was on the cheap. Everyhting they do now is geared towards the day in the not too distant future when their franchise LFC having gained value will be sold on. Come on I mean who can doubt it ...JH hasnt attended a game in ages ...younthink this guy has a "passion for LFC" ? He has a passion for a buck and thats all...end of. Unlike The Sheik at Citeh or Roman at Chelski...keep telling it like it is Mel u have a t least one supporter for u view on this board somebody needs to wake the support up to the giant scam quietly operating against us...before we all put on white aprons and start sounding like shopkeepers a la Thatcher.

      • Ah but one fatal flaw with your comparison there. H&G were not very good businessmen were they? They took a club that was already doing well (although not as well as it could) and took it backward. And as a consequence lost money.

        Maybe I should have added the competent caveat, although it should have been blindingly obvious, whether we're talking about a businessman or someone in it for other reasons.

        However if you think FSG or others are actually incompetent then feel free to make that point, but I started the thread as I’ve heard a few times a number of people who think Yanks are only motivated to asset strip clubs rather than build successful businesses over the longer term.