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  • mel n mel n Jan 17, 2013 23:14 Flag

    Are Yanks better than Arabs (or any other rich oil tycoons)?

    You are One hundred percent right Dave, the owners out to make money out of the club are not that bad at all, Hicks and Gillett being the best examples. Two of the finest owners that we have ever had .........

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    • mel n ..YES...H+G ...Soon forgotten but they too were looking to enforce their "business model" and make money out of our club.
      FSG were and ARE opportunists who saw the chance to jump in and buy the club on the cheap ...not on the day I know but in the longer term they knew it was on the cheap. Everyhting they do now is geared towards the day in the not too distant future when their franchise LFC having gained value will be sold on. Come on I mean who can doubt it ...JH hasnt attended a game in ages ...younthink this guy has a "passion for LFC" ? He has a passion for a buck and thats all...end of. Unlike The Sheik at Citeh or Roman at Chelski...keep telling it like it is Mel u have a t least one supporter for u view on this board somebody needs to wake the support up to the giant scam quietly operating against us...before we all put on white aprons and start sounding like shopkeepers a la Thatcher.

    • Ah but one fatal flaw with your comparison there. H&G were not very good businessmen were they? They took a club that was already doing well (although not as well as it could) and took it backward. And as a consequence lost money.

      Maybe I should have added the competent caveat, although it should have been blindingly obvious, whether we're talking about a businessman or someone in it for other reasons.

      However if you think FSG or others are actually incompetent then feel free to make that point, but I started the thread as I’ve heard a few times a number of people who think Yanks are only motivated to asset strip clubs rather than build successful businesses over the longer term.

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      • DAVE...I lived in US for 17 yrs and realize sports are and always have been regarded as "a business" there. The way the DRAFTS are structured is a model that constantly works towards parity to eliminate the possibillity of one club dominating so completely as with UniTURD in UK since early 90ies. However I have to say again here that I think whereas the DRAFT in American sports is pretty well infalible corruption does exist particularly at college level where inducements are offered by alumni to favoured players. However I do think that FFP is nonesense by comparison to the DRAFT system and is ripe for corruption or gaming as u put it. I think it is foolish and naive for people to place so much store in this FFP thing...its untried and looks full of loop holes and imo unlikely to change much if anything from the way things are right now.
        I know we can never operate a DRAFT system here in UK mores the pity...Im sure u understand that system and theway it works living over there and Im certain Jason knows its intracacies well too
        I admit Im nostalgic for the days when there were far fewer foreign players in English football and it was still a "contact" sport gone are the days when a side like Ipswich a "small" club at the time managed by Alf Ramsey could come up from the old DIV 2 and win the Div 1( PREM) in their debut season there ! Money of course played its part back then too but not to quite the same degree as now. I love the FA CUP and each years Giant Killers it for me epitomizes the real romance and passion of the game and I detest big clubs trying to talk down its significance. There hasnt been much in the way of FUN in the Prem for me but I loved Ian Holloways Blackpool and their lone season in the Prem and the way they became everybodys second fave club withtheir exciting all out attack home and away STYLE...Shame we couldnt have seen them survive for one more season of that kind of excitement instead of being condemned to relegation in their last game at Old Toilet.

      • DSTeer if FSG really loved ;FC then you'd think they'd pump in far more money into the club and get the stadium built.

        Fact is they're dragging therir heels on the stadium and as for pumping in money to buy the top class players who'll take us forward.. That just aint happening.

        Now you can quote FFP all you want but Chelsea, Man City don't play by FFP rules..

        I think FSG could pump in far more money into the club for new players if they wanted to.. but they won't and never will. Well not the kind of players that we expect and need for us to be top dogs again.