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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 18, 2013 21:54 Flag

    Are Yanks better than Arabs (or any other rich oil tycoons)?

    To be honest I understand the jealousy some have for City and Chelsea because of the resources their owners bring. But after really thinking it through and looking at what I think is best not just right now, but long term I'm not sure that benefactor type ownership is best.

    Actually while it’s obvious the Glazers have milked Utd for as much as they can over the years to support their lifestyle and failing property business, I think I'd not mind the model Utd has had in place ever since the prem started. That is maximizing the profits, re-invest them into the club to generate even more success and profit, and keep the virtuous cycle going. Now that is great business, and it seems not bad for the supporters either.

    Now of course someone coming from outside with a couple billion to throw around sounds nice, and will of course have an impact, just as it has at Chelsea and City, but is it sustainable? Well as Robert will tell you its still working so why complain, but really for how long? Robert has of course seen great glory from Roman's money, and I wish I could say the same about our club, however will his kids (assuming he raises them as Blues) see the same success, what about his grandkids? Is there a foundation, is there a virtuous cycle, and is there something bigger than one man that has created a platform for the club to sustain success?

    We missed the boat back in the early 90s, not because we did not support the club enough, not because our owners were not rich enough (they were plenty rich enough) but because they were not business savvy enough. Let's not miss the boat again.

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    • DSteer it seems sustainable so far at Man City.. So yes I'd say it sustainable whilst they make their huge profits.. then pump that money into the club..

      DSteer who would you rather watch.. Messi or Sturridge?

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      • Sofa, do you not understand how ludicrous that statement is: "It seems sustainable so far". It’s like saying your car has been reliable since it last broke down, and you expect it will continue to be reliable until it breaks down again".

        The City model unless they can find a way to actually generate huge profits and or are willing to cut huge costs is only sustainable while the owners keep funding the losses.

        That's not sustainable and is like saying a patient with a gunshot wound and is bleeding out is stable because you've got an IV in him pumping in blood as fast as it’s gushing out. Once that blood runs out you know what he is..........Dead!

        btw I currently prefer watching Sturridge as he plays for the team I support, and it’s those matches I enjoy watching most. But, while I'd love to watch Messi in the prem, since even the clubs, Chelsea and City, that you'd like us to emulate can't lure him with all the dosh in the world (just as they can't get Pep either), and since I'm not a big fan of the duopoly that is Spanish football, I don't think that viewpoint is going to change anytime soon.