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  • mel n mel n Jan 18, 2013 00:46 Flag

    Laughable ............. FSG out!!!

    .Now managing director Ian Ayre says the club will offer lower basic wages and instead reward players with performance-related deals.

    "The attitude I’m trying to put forward when we’re negotiating with agents is that we want to do a contract which is fair for both sides," he told the Liverpool Echo.

    If anyone had any doubts as to where the current owners are taking us then the above quote should erase them. I can just imagine Cavani and co being told "listen son, we will pay you 1000 pounds per week but if we win the Premier League we will give you a bonus of 10 million pounds". What player in their right minds would refuse such a sweet offer, who cares about basic pay anyway, its all about perfomance bonuses, right?

    Just in case anyone missed my headline, I repeat...." FSG OUT !!! ". I would have said " Yanks Out" but Jason is a good guy, we don't wanna lose him.

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    • Ayre keeps giving out contary messages..

      He said that money isn't an issue and we could sign anybody we want.

      Yet now I see thats not so, otherwise we'd sign players like Cavani, Messi, van Persie.. etc. without breaking sweat.

      Instead what seems to be happening is we're buying cheap youngsters who may or may not work..

      Hardly the actions of a club that claims to have money to spend.

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      • Jason, I will agree with you about Ayre, he is not the sharpest or the brightest but as stupid as he might be, the new policy he was talking about, of basic wages and perfomance related bonuses is not something that he would come up with all on his own. Maybe he used the wrong forum or said it at the wrong time, but if that is what the club is considering then as fans we should stop our fantasies of EVER winning something let alone the Premier League or being in the top four.

        I will boldly come out and call Dave a Liar for saying that Agger, Skrtel and Sterling signed their new contracts under the new terms proposed by Ayre. Basic wages means exactly that, BASIC, I know for a fact that Sterling improved his contract nearly twenty-fold (not as impressive as it sounds, seeing he was on 2K per week prior to that) and there is no way that Agger and Skrtel signed for lower (basic) wages than they were already on. The least they would have agreed to would be what they were already on with better incentives. It is easier to sell the incentives idea to a player who is already contracted to you than someone you are looking to sign. Most footballers have mercenary minded agents and there is no way you can sign a half decent player on the promises of a basic wage and good perfomance related incentives. Not with some other teams waving decent (or even crazy) money at that same player. The only players that you can get to agree to a basic wage plus incentives are the likes of Owen, Hargreaves, Saha, Ben Haim, Kieron Dyer etc. i.e desperate players who are grateful for any opportunity but hardly people who will guarantee you success.

        I hope for our sake that Ayre was talking thru his rear end and that this is not something the club intends to do. But if it is, then ............ "FSG OUT".

    • Do you really think bonuses are something new in football? Do you not know there are bonuses at every club for goals scored, appearances, and yes even where the club ends up in the table come the end of the season, and they've been there for years.

      But of course someone with no evidence at all making the assumption we're now going to offer only £1000 per week contracts is not likely to actually deal with reality.

      But of course you also missed that these new structured contracts are exactly what was offered to Sterling, Skrtel and Agger, who you told us would all walk away as others would pay them more, but for some strange reason (in the real world) they decided to sign and stay.

      I think I might start calling you fortuneteller in the future, just as I find it so ironic at how bad you are at actually predicting all the doomsday scenarios you think are about to fall on LFC.

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      • Well Mel, I appreciate the mention, and regardless whatever happens on the pitch, or behind closed doors, I still support the "Club" and whatever the future holds..

        I have, on several occasions, and sorry to be redundant, have absolutley no vested interest in these guys because it's direct conflict for me from an American perspective as a New Yorker vs Boston theme..

        This said, if and when I see fit, that they're doing something that I personally deem wrong, or not in the best interest of LFC or the fans, I'll be one of the first ones to call them out. But, having seen their model for 13 (give or take) years, and the success it's brought them and the city of Boston, it's basically what I had expected and explained from the dark days when we almost went into administration as they, and an Asian fashion designer United fan were the 2 final front runners to buy the club..

        I will say that Ian Ayre is a complete idiot.. I've occasionally been privvy to some information, other times just done my research very thoroughly, and he's a liability to the club.. I cringe when he speaks, so on top of his inability to get things done in the market properly (Dempsey was in the bag, factually), I take some of his statements with a pinch of salt, and that of a moron.. He's a marketing/pr person acting as the face of a large Football Club and worldwide brand.. I hope he goes, though I have no information to support he will, unless he's just keeping a seat warm until the summer..

        That said, as per Dave's comments and something I said in another thread.. in the face of 20M+ bids for both Skrtel and Agger, both resigned long term contracts with improved wages, as has Suarez, Sterling, Jonjo, Lucas, Suso, Wisdom and all our great youth players, as well as back bones of the club.. I'm sure in addition to length, increases, their contracts all contain some sort of incentive.. Every contract anywhere has them.. I'm sure when City took a risk on Hargreaves this year, there was a time/matches played clause in there in addition to whatever ridiculous wages they gave and wasted on him..

        Also, while I don't have the figures for us completely, nor every other club, we have actually been up around the top of the EPL this year in spend, and not just net, gross..

        I think we were 3rd highest in the summer, around 30M, and we've actually spent 12M on Sturridge, where Chelsea has only spent about 8M on Demba Ba, City nothing, United nothing, Spurs nothing, Everton nothing, Arsenal nothing..

        I expect these clubs to all do something, but I also expect us to do a little bit more as well, unless the players we want are being asked for over the odds fees and we wait until the summer..

        While at the moment everyone despises Borini, he's now back as a new addition, and has tiny expectations on him with Suarez form/goals scored, and Sturridge expectations, and while in poor form now, Allen did look brilliant early on, so if those 2 in particular, find form, consistency and contribute to moving us up the table, then it was money very well spent and a good job done..

        If and when I hear or see them saying or doing something I didn't expect, or that I view as wrong, again, I'll be the first one to pick them out... BUT, I don't know who else is out there to buy/run a club, especially of this stature and the project at hand..

      • Hi there Steer,

        I don't know what mel said previously but I think your "Sterling, Skrtel and Agger," example missed the point. I think you need to look outward rather than inward, it's about selling 'Project Liverpool' to potential new signings and convincing them that the club is ambitious and are serious about challenging for top honours as Liverpool used to do. In the current climate where the likes of City, Chelsea and PSG are willing to offer top class players ridiculous wages in order to sign for them, most agents won't even listen to any offer from Liverpool because they know that they can get their clients better financial package elsewhere , and also maximised their own agents fees. We lost RVP, Clichy, Nasri, Toure, Ashley Cole because they were convinced that they can get better offers at other clubs. If Liverpool pursue their basic wage plus performance-related bonus policy, they stand the risk of losing key players in future like Arsenal did when it's time to renegotiate the players expiring deals and their agents have had better package outside the club than Liverpool are offering their clients.

    • Spot-on mel.

      When I read Ayre's comments yesterday evening on Yahoo frontpage, I wanted to post a similar thread to question the club's ambition but thought decided not to.

      I think Ayre is taking the mick, and that's coming from a fan of a club (AFC) at the forefront of the FFP crap.

      This latest statement by the club shows exactly where their sole interest lies - profitability, and not improving the playing squad and taking the club to the next level as they claimed when they took control of the club.

    • mel n...sorry mate should have added to u refrain at end of my post so here it is ...Im wityh u ...FSG ...OUT ! OUT !! OUT !!!

    • mel n...well said mate...like what u have to say ...at least u tell it like it is instead of bleating out all the time ..."lets be realistic" ..."the club must be run like any other business"...U right mate what are we FANS or feckin shopkeepers ? Why while we are at it not convert Anfield into a hotel and the training grounds into a feckin shopping mall Im sure it would satisfy FSG as a "businessmodel" but not too sure about most of us ...FANS .