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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jan 18, 2013 14:08 Flag

    Laughable ............. FSG out!!!

    Do you really think bonuses are something new in football? Do you not know there are bonuses at every club for goals scored, appearances, and yes even where the club ends up in the table come the end of the season, and they've been there for years.

    But of course someone with no evidence at all making the assumption we're now going to offer only £1000 per week contracts is not likely to actually deal with reality.

    But of course you also missed that these new structured contracts are exactly what was offered to Sterling, Skrtel and Agger, who you told us would all walk away as others would pay them more, but for some strange reason (in the real world) they decided to sign and stay.

    I think I might start calling you fortuneteller in the future, just as I find it so ironic at how bad you are at actually predicting all the doomsday scenarios you think are about to fall on LFC.

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    • Hi there Steer,

      I don't know what mel said previously but I think your "Sterling, Skrtel and Agger," example missed the point. I think you need to look outward rather than inward, it's about selling 'Project Liverpool' to potential new signings and convincing them that the club is ambitious and are serious about challenging for top honours as Liverpool used to do. In the current climate where the likes of City, Chelsea and PSG are willing to offer top class players ridiculous wages in order to sign for them, most agents won't even listen to any offer from Liverpool because they know that they can get their clients better financial package elsewhere , and also maximised their own agents fees. We lost RVP, Clichy, Nasri, Toure, Ashley Cole because they were convinced that they can get better offers at other clubs. If Liverpool pursue their basic wage plus performance-related bonus policy, they stand the risk of losing key players in future like Arsenal did when it's time to renegotiate the players expiring deals and their agents have had better package outside the club than Liverpool are offering their clients.

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      • Oh btw, I'm one of those Arsenal fans who still believes that clubs should live within their means but pragmatic enough to realise that the current Arsenal model is doomed to fail unless every club sign up to the FFP charter, I believe that this is only way forward and the most viable way to ensure fair competition and level playing field for all.

      • I take your point that it’s not just about retaining your best players it’s also about attracting the best players from other clubs to join. But I do think it’s a fair barometer of a clubs contracts to consider how players who are in demand react when offered these deals.

        Agger, Skrtel, and Sterling, along with others like Suarez who's recently signed a new deal were all in demand at other clubs, but still re-signed for us which tells me we got it right. On the other hand for comparisons sake, Fabrigas, Nasri, and RVP did not re-sign which suggests Arsenal did not, although maybe the good news for you that Walcott is staying suggests they've changed the contract structure.

        Now time will tell if these contracts will attract additional players, but it seems Sturridge had no issue with it. But it seems obvious to me we're not talking about £1000 per week deals like Mel would have you believe, but competitive base salaries with incentives to make even more.

        But, my final point is to agree with you that competing with the likes of City and Chelsea on money alone is near impossible unless or until FFP really kicks in. So I'd suggest why try. I mean do you really want a Remy who is willing to go to QPR just for a payday and an escape clause in case they go down, or would you prefer someone who has a vested interest in the clubs success. Now maybe that means we can't have a squad of 20 mercenaries all on £150K plus a week, but then the more players who are fighting hard for the club on £75K or less means more room for one or two who really do command the pay-packets north of £100K.

      • Oh btw, I'm one of those Arsenal fans who still believes that clubs should live within their means but pragmatic enough to realise that the current Arsenal model is doomed to fail unless every club sign up to the FFP charter, I believe that this is only way forward and the most viable way to ensure fair competition and level playing field for all.

    • Well Mel, I appreciate the mention, and regardless whatever happens on the pitch, or behind closed doors, I still support the "Club" and whatever the future holds..

      I have, on several occasions, and sorry to be redundant, have absolutley no vested interest in these guys because it's direct conflict for me from an American perspective as a New Yorker vs Boston theme..

      This said, if and when I see fit, that they're doing something that I personally deem wrong, or not in the best interest of LFC or the fans, I'll be one of the first ones to call them out. But, having seen their model for 13 (give or take) years, and the success it's brought them and the city of Boston, it's basically what I had expected and explained from the dark days when we almost went into administration as they, and an Asian fashion designer United fan were the 2 final front runners to buy the club..

      I will say that Ian Ayre is a complete idiot.. I've occasionally been privvy to some information, other times just done my research very thoroughly, and he's a liability to the club.. I cringe when he speaks, so on top of his inability to get things done in the market properly (Dempsey was in the bag, factually), I take some of his statements with a pinch of salt, and that of a moron.. He's a marketing/pr person acting as the face of a large Football Club and worldwide brand.. I hope he goes, though I have no information to support he will, unless he's just keeping a seat warm until the summer..

      That said, as per Dave's comments and something I said in another thread.. in the face of 20M+ bids for both Skrtel and Agger, both resigned long term contracts with improved wages, as has Suarez, Sterling, Jonjo, Lucas, Suso, Wisdom and all our great youth players, as well as back bones of the club.. I'm sure in addition to length, increases, their contracts all contain some sort of incentive.. Every contract anywhere has them.. I'm sure when City took a risk on Hargreaves this year, there was a time/matches played clause in there in addition to whatever ridiculous wages they gave and wasted on him..

      Also, while I don't have the figures for us completely, nor every other club, we have actually been up around the top of the EPL this year in spend, and not just net, gross..

      I think we were 3rd highest in the summer, around 30M, and we've actually spent 12M on Sturridge, where Chelsea has only spent about 8M on Demba Ba, City nothing, United nothing, Spurs nothing, Everton nothing, Arsenal nothing..

      I expect these clubs to all do something, but I also expect us to do a little bit more as well, unless the players we want are being asked for over the odds fees and we wait until the summer..

      While at the moment everyone despises Borini, he's now back as a new addition, and has tiny expectations on him with Suarez form/goals scored, and Sturridge expectations, and while in poor form now, Allen did look brilliant early on, so if those 2 in particular, find form, consistency and contribute to moving us up the table, then it was money very well spent and a good job done..

      If and when I hear or see them saying or doing something I didn't expect, or that I view as wrong, again, I'll be the first one to pick them out... BUT, I don't know who else is out there to buy/run a club, especially of this stature and the project at hand..

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      • JASON...according to Ayre this is a brand new way that the club is GOING to structure contracts. How do we know that Agger Skrtl Sturidge signed under this new structure ?
        As per FSG you have given us here your honest opinion of Ayre btw I agree with u entirely ...now...who appointed Ayre to his post at the club...FSG John Henry...incompetency ? Think a greater degree of incompetency was displayed when this clown hung on to his job after te transfer window debacle with Andy C gone and his replacement BR's choice Dempsey swans off and signs for Spurs. FSG John Henry obviously considered he was STILL the man for the job ?
        Sorry mate agree with much of what u say in u posts but Im not a fan of FSG AND their Business Model so for me Im with mel...FSG...OUT ! OUT !! OUT !!!