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  • mel n mel n Jan 19, 2013 03:10 Flag

    Laughable ............. FSG out!!!

    Jason, I will agree with you about Ayre, he is not the sharpest or the brightest but as stupid as he might be, the new policy he was talking about, of basic wages and perfomance related bonuses is not something that he would come up with all on his own. Maybe he used the wrong forum or said it at the wrong time, but if that is what the club is considering then as fans we should stop our fantasies of EVER winning something let alone the Premier League or being in the top four.

    I will boldly come out and call Dave a Liar for saying that Agger, Skrtel and Sterling signed their new contracts under the new terms proposed by Ayre. Basic wages means exactly that, BASIC, I know for a fact that Sterling improved his contract nearly twenty-fold (not as impressive as it sounds, seeing he was on 2K per week prior to that) and there is no way that Agger and Skrtel signed for lower (basic) wages than they were already on. The least they would have agreed to would be what they were already on with better incentives. It is easier to sell the incentives idea to a player who is already contracted to you than someone you are looking to sign. Most footballers have mercenary minded agents and there is no way you can sign a half decent player on the promises of a basic wage and good perfomance related incentives. Not with some other teams waving decent (or even crazy) money at that same player. The only players that you can get to agree to a basic wage plus incentives are the likes of Owen, Hargreaves, Saha, Ben Haim, Kieron Dyer etc. i.e desperate players who are grateful for any opportunity but hardly people who will guarantee you success.

    I hope for our sake that Ayre was talking thru his rear end and that this is not something the club intends to do. But if it is, then ............ "FSG OUT".

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    • Mel,

      Regarding Ayre the idiot, I am not suggesting it's something he came up with on his own at all, I was just saying that it's something he should have spoken about, and there's a good chance him being the idiot he is, he may have possibly elaborated on it in a completely wrong manner. That much I cannot say that I know very much about, but considering I think he's a moron, and I've been privvy to info that he was on the chopping block, and then told absolutely not this season at all, or at least not during the window, I just think he shouldn't talk and maybe it's something he didn't articulate well.

      I'm not going to have a go at Dave, because I believe that Skrtel and Agger signed regular contracts that included a bonus of sorts like I suggested to Colin for clean sheets, very basic, but I think they are both on 80-90-100K wages.. As far as I can remember, Rafa bought them both for 12M comnined, so they may have been on 50k type wages, so in this instance, that is a pretty good jump, and a fairly handsome payout for not being City, Chelsea, Madrid etc.. And since both were subject to interest of City and some others, they decided to sign for the club and the money. So, I'm agreeing with you, but also saying the money was there and they stayed, and will do. Summer we'll see..

      Sterling like you say was an obvious jump up, but he's on 48K a week, which is pretty damn good for a teenager, and when he's 21 or 22, he'll end up in the bracket above.. I'm sure they gave him personal incentives too, perhaps matches started, goals scored and other things that would be incentive to train hard, play hard and play smart. In his case all make sense so he doesn't go down a wrong path as a kid..

      IF in fact the plan to go forward is to only offer players something absurd like 10-20K a year, when they may command 2-3 times that or higher, and only insert a ton of clauses, then I agree with all of you that it's bullcrap and we need new owners, but again it's coming from Ayre, and only just 2 weeks ago we signed Sturridge who's on something like 60k and incentives too. You've got to figure if the policy like Ayre described was as poor as some are making it out to be, Sturridge only 2 weeks ago would have been subject to it, and he wouldn't have signed and could have looked elsewhere since Chelsea had no interest in keeping him..

      I honestly think that we are putting every little thing said and done under such a microscope and then dissecting them, looking and wanting reasons to hate everything about the club, except for the players and club itself..

      There was a thread Sterling vs Rodgers.. Rodgers clearly knew what he was saying and doing, and per the name of that thread, Rodgers won. City wanted Agger, Rodgers won that one. Now people are going nuts over Rodgers vs Suarez over recent comments, yet in training there are photos of the two of them arms around each other smiling.. So Rodgers victory again..

      He's been labelled a yes man, but ironically won all these battles and done things everyone thinks are taboo and off limits, yet last year it truly was Kenny who put his foot in his own mouth regarding 2-3 things and Kenny got a pass and still would if he was in charge. What about Rodgers calling out Enrique earlier in the season? After that Enrique turned into a dominating force down the left side, even playing as an attacker... Then he called out Downing and we've seen the best Downing we have since we blew 19M..

      But back to the owners.. like I said, if it is a cheapskate way of trying to sign players, let alone top class, then yes, they need to take their head out of the sand, or bury them in it..

    • Hi Mel

      I think you'll know from my previous posts that I remain, from my perspective at least, healthily sceptical about FSG.

      But, to be fair, I think you might be reading too much into the press reports. The quotes I have read don't put anything into context. For example, I haven't seen the question he was asked which prompted his reply. If you have seen the context then let me know.

      For example, say they were talking about signing Sneijder and the interviewer asked "would Liverpool pay £200k per week for an ageing player who hadn't played much football recently given your recent experience with Joe Cole?". In that context Ayre's comment doesn't seem so outrageous. If the question were "will Liverpool pay wages to compete for the best young players" then his comments are much more concerning.

      As I say, I remain healthily sceptical of FSG but I think the press are indulging themselves in this.

      The real test of their ownership will be who they sign this coming summer in my opinion.