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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 18, 2013 13:08 Flag

    What do you Think of Brendan Rodgers?

    I think the article is a bit harsh, but it's quite sharp and he did come over in the Being: Liverpool programmes as a bit of a David Brent, perhaps unfairly.

    I don't know how good he is as a football technician, but in presentational terms I think the Liverpool job was probably about five years too soon for him.


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    • Hi Rob & Robert

      I thought the article was spot on. It's what I've been going on about for a long time now - everybody cheats so why is this admission "unacceptable".

      To be fair to BR, I haven't seen the interview where he said this and the media do have a way of cherry picking quotes which don't reflect what was being said.

      Either that or BR is forcing Suarez out of Liverpool because FSG want to cash in on him (and we've never been to the moon, and Hoover had JFK shot). Obviously I'm joking. Hopefully.