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  • Loki Loki Jan 19, 2013 01:08 Flag

    What do you Think of Brendan Rodgers?

    Redfin - just how is Brendan's man management proven to be rubbish here? I reckon he will have said to Suarez behind closed doors early on the season 'stop diving!' - I know this because Suarez stays o his feet a lot more now. Once he admitted it publicly - it became a moot point and Brendan had no choice but to condemn it. I would be more happy if I was manager that he admitted to diving than the diving itself - which I find unacceptable anyway. How difficult is it going to be for him to get decisions now?

    Anyway, on to your absurd point, read between the lines, or do we have yet another on here with a petit pois for a brain?

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    • So what's Brendan gonna do in terms of punishing Suarez?

      Probably nothing!!

      In days of old a manager would dump a player in the reserves until they bucked their ideas up and behaved properly..

      I suspect Rodgers won't as he's a weak manager.

    • Loki I am assuming your post is meant towards me.
      BR management IS bad because he tends to come out to the media and pick on individuals so that he can criticise them, this seems to me a manager who is very insecure and therefore keeps trying to justify his position by pointing the finger at others. Do you know what this can do to the confidence of an individual?
      This does not refer to football management but all management. All he had to say was " LFC have been made aware of the interview and it is something Suarez and I will discuss" then any thing he had to say would remain behind closed doors.
      Maybe I am a simpleton but having spent last 20 years in higher management I know how important it is keep moral up amongst the staff in order to get the best from them.