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  • colin colin Jan 18, 2013 23:13 Flag

    Player Loyalty to Clubs Going Forward..

    robert...great post have to agree with u about "loyalty"...I see the day in the not too distant future when the same concept of "loyalty" u apply to most players will also apply to fans...Jason openly admits to a love of NAPOLI I myself was well taken by BLACKPOOL FC's cavalier approach to their season in the Prem..The kind of "fanatacism" that reigned supreme at Anfield back when I first became fan will ...unfortunately...likely never be seen again...the noise from The Kop back then packed with 30,000 souls was akin to CONCORDE taking off ! The 12th MAN truly was an intimidating sight and sound for the opposition to witness as they exited from the tunnel onto the pitch for the warm-up. With the kind of extensive media coverage of all leagues now we will likely see the rise of the "multi team fan" and grounds filled with well off upper middle class families while everybody else views from large screens in pubs bars and their homes... eventually the one club for life fan will disappear as fewer and fewer will ever attend a stadium to watch live football but as u say ...everything changes, its inevitable.

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    • Colin,
      Just fyi, and not that I'm suggesting you think otherwise, my support of Napoli is nowhere even remotely close to that of LFC.. it's a fly on the while if compared, and LFC is where my attention and heart is, I just happen to really enjoy them, particularly because of Cavani, and the club they assembled in recent years with Hamsik, Lavezzi (now PSG), Inler after being in the 2nd tier of Italy about 5 years ago. Plus it gives me a reason to try and enjoy another league.. I love Barca, but who doesn't..

      Dave & Robert, I get what you guys are saying, I really do, and Dave to be fair, the two sets of sports/cultures really aren't the same as you pointed out, I just happened to give a strong example of my existing favorite player Champ Bailey, who despite another year of heartache, will remain in Denver..

      I guess my question is, and you make a great point about the kids coming up through the ranks at smaller clubs, though I wouldn't really count them because they're often poached or looking to move as soon as they're old enough, but rather a player like let's say Eden Hazard..

      Let's just say Chelsea don't win any silverware, and finish 6th.. He had pretty much all but packed his bags for Manchester last year, by all accounts, only which club was the question, though I think it was CIty.. So, let's just say all of a sudden he's upset how his first year has gone with Chelsea aside of his own performance which has been exceptionally good, and City manages to repeat as champs and try to bid for him this summer in unrest.. Which, would be quite a sensational battle to see those 2 fighting it out for one of their own.. City being 2 time champs, entering their 3rd straight Champions League campaign, and he just finds it more appealing with perhaps even more wages.. I know him only being at Chelsea in this scenario, for 1 year isn't great, but doesn't it only make him seem nothing other than a "mercernary"?

      I guess the question for me still remains, because I do think FFP will absolutely cause some scenarios where players can't leave, or prohibit clubs from trying to make an offer they may want, but that doesn't really relate to the word "loyalty" I suppose, but I guess, what I'm really asking, and it's tough off the back of Cavani and his interviews because he's unique, is do you think it's ever going to return, or has all romance gone, even if it's a player only being at a club 1, 2, 3 years?

      What about Raheem Sterling.. quite honestly, if we're not in the UCL and top 4 contention discussion next season, other clubs are going to be all over him, and having a bit of a reputation for loving the life of a footballer, on top of being a young and brililantly talented footballer, I see it as a potential issue.. Yes, he started at QPR, but for all intensive purposes, he's grown up Liverpool having progressed in our ranks, nurtured, being brought into the 1st team, getting into the National side, and signing his first pro contract while starting along side of Suarez, Stevie and 1-2 others we consider top class.. Sterling will be viewed as a traitor, or like I've noticed many say about Torres "Judas".. OR does Sterling shock us and stay ..

      I know I have it in me to see and expect, or at least know that this all happens differently in American Sport, but I really just wonder if it will ever be that way in Football while I'm here.. I think I just became curious of this, not only from knowing/reading about Cavani, and seeing him embrace the fans when he scores, but because football grounds are so intimate and players are so visible, literally, no masks, helmets etc.. It just seems so "intimate" the way they can score a goal, and run literally right into the stands and be a kid, or one of the boys... and that's where I see the heartache occur when they leave..