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  • Jason Jason Jan 19, 2013 16:32 Flag

    Start complaining about next week..

    66" Gerrard has just blasted home from about 30 yards out, making it 4-0, and now we're bringing on 2 young slouches in Sterling and Borini..

    But, this isn't good enough, and there won't be any plaudits or well done here, rather only the 1 step forward 2 step back complaining and naysayers..

    Afterall, it's only Norwich, who outplayed us and took a point 1-1 last year at Anfield where we were lucky to not lose 2-1.

    No well dones to the players, and especially not BR who picked the side, drew up the tactics to make Sturridge/Suarez work together, and insert Henerson..

    Let's have it, totally ignore this one and start complaining about our loss vs Arsenal next week

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    • Hi PS,

      No, just a general dig at the merchants of woe!

      Like you, I now look forward to upcoming games with eager anticipation rather than nervy trepidation. I feel decent runs in the FA and Europa cups (semis or better) and top 6 or higher in PL are on the cards.



    • Hi Bob

      I don't know if you were replying specifically to me or not but I agree 100% with your list.

      Two decent results in the next two league games and we can add looking upwards towards Europe.

      Reasons to be cheerful.

    • We took my mother in law out for dinner the other week to a local pub which has a really good menu. When I asked her what she thought of the choice she replied that there we not much on there for a vegetarian, even though she eats meat!!!

      The reason I recount this merry tale is that it reminds me of a good few posters on this board who refuse to be positive even when things are generally looking up.

      Yes we would all like to higher up the league, yes it would be good if we could be more consistent against “lesser” opposition and yes it would be great to start turning over some of the bigger names. But I can also see a bunch of reasons to be upbeat including:
      • Suarez is playing out of his skin.
      • Sturridge has more than hit the floor running.
      • Sterling has been an unexpected bonus and will become even better once he sorts the final ball
      • Henderson is starting to look the player he should be.
      • Lucas is back from injury and starting to return to effectiveness
      • Stevie G. has emerged from his relative trough and has looked immense in the last few games.
      • Injuries aside we have a good set of wider, defensive players, all of whom are capable of attacking the wings (Kelly, Enrique, Glen).
      • The style of play we have occasionally shown recently (albeit not as consistently as we would want) is both exciting and effective.
      • A good run of results, including 6 from 9 in the PL.

      So feel free to call me a hopeless optimist, but I would much rather be like Eric Idle in the Life Of Brian than Marvin the Android in the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy!

    • Hi Dave

      I agree with most of that.

      The only thing I'd draw your attention to is that it may get taken out of the clubs hands. If Suarez wants to engineer a move, then they'll end up selling regardless of whether they want to or not (at a price of course).

    • Colin, do you remember what the supposed bids for Agger where over the summer from City? BR actually said, and I remember it really annoyed PSRed, that every player does have a price. So maybe that does support your corner shopkeeper/Account view point.

      However one key point: Agger was not sold. City obviously could have offered a very tempting sum, but whatever they did offer we did not bite as we saw more value in the man than the money. So why do you assume that given the chance for a payday BR would ship out our best player, and one we've just signed up to a long term deal less than 6 months ago?

      Loki is right, at the right price he'll go. What that price is I don't know; Maybe 50M (like Torres) maybe 70M as you suggest, or maybe more. However it seems clear the club will only sell if they think it’s worth it, that being the money can actually help us get better more than the man. And, I'd ask, what is so wrong with that?

    • Colin, I know it seems you've made up your mind when it comes to BR, but don't you think you might be looking for dark clouds even when a silver lining is staring you in the face?

      Your summary of why you can't give BR credit for both a good performance and result seems to me to be "When he loses it’s down to incompetence, but when he wins it’s by accident". But if that is the case, Saturday was one terrible accident!

      Maybe it was a no-brainer to start Sturridge in front of Suarez, but then again he's also the man who identified him as the player to be brought in, should he not get credit for that? And let’s be honest lots of people saying how wonderful young Daniel is right now after the best start in terms of goal return in almost 40 years, however there were plenty on here who thought he was not good enough, and we should be buying in David Villa, or breaking the bank for some other foreign import. I think BR deserves some credit for getting such return for 12M.

      And, how about the understanding between Sturridge and Suarez, and the rest of the squad for that matter. Now maybe that is just luck also, they say great players can always play together, so I'm sure BR was sitting on his hands all last week while the lads trained and never had a word with them about how to best play together.

      Lastly on this point, are you sure it was 442? I liked the comment the commentator made about how they put up these line up's but seems like they last about 20 seconds after kick off as the best sides play in such a fluid manner. Think about it, was it really a static 442 you watched, or perhaps you saw Suarez behind Sturridge much of the time, but you also saw them rotate with each other. Did Downing play right midfield, or inside right? What about Johnson, the lineup said he played left back, but are you sure it was not left wing as I don't think I saw Stevie, Lucas or Hendo out there much, and it could not have been Luis or Daniel if we played 442.

      So for me, looking at that silver lining staring right at me, I give a little credit to BR, not for writing the team sheet and telling the lads to stick to a 442 like the message boards have been telling him, but for working with the lads to modify the system to get the best out of the new boy in a fluid system that by golly actually worked!

    • Ron/Colin..

      First off, I don't think you were having a go at me, and conversely I wasn't nor think I was at you.. Ultimately, the 3 of us, like everyone here, that belongs, wants the club to succeed.

      Again, this isn't directly aimed at you guys, but sometimes the board just comes across as not skeptical, but rather having written him off and "almost" a sese of not wanting him to succeed very quickly so we can move on to someone better. For anyone who would do that, is an utter sham of a supporter, and fortunately it's none of us.. At the end of the day, if we finish 4th, I'm not going to go on a "I told you so" rant because it's about the fans, the players and the club, and I personally like the guy. Always did at Swansea, and Colin perhaps you can at least appreciate this.. I viewed Rodgers and Swans last season in the EPL as a breath of fresh air, as you do/did with Ollie and Blackpool.. Not a whole lot of difference, only Swans kept the 2nd most clean sheets in the EPL and stayed up in 11th, whereas The Tangerines went down guns blazing, but conceding goals..

      The biggest thing to consider when we're all talking, and don't take this the wrong way, is perhaps our own different perceptions and age.. We're all football fans yes? I watch Italy, Germany, Spain, and nearly every EPL match each weekend. I've come to appreciate so many players, ie my favorite Cavani, and many more who nobody's heard of yet, and appreciate styles and tactics that I think still are a bit foreign to the EPL. So my appreciation for the football, which I actually don't think is all tiki taka or we'd be scoring less actually, considering it's non-stop triangles, is much greater because Roders has shown the ability to adjust on the fly and even if he's wrong from the start, I often feel his 2nd half changes are quite dramatic..

      United was a perfect example.. we should have levelled it at 2, and the way we played that half, if having got to 2-2, coudl have seen us take all 3 at Old Toilet.. So, here's to hoping BR can continute to motivate the lads like he has done to Downing, Henderson, Enrique (when fit) and immediately with Sturridge, while getting his ideas/tactics right from the get go..

      The better Brendan does, and the more he learns, the better the club does, and from there, anything's possible. I want us to win desperately as anyone, having never seen a Prem Title in my lifetime, so if it means finishing 6th this year while bringing in youth, killing dead wages, improving in the summer and slamming a top 4 finish next year, followed by a true title run, then I'm ok with a few bumps in the road when the curve in my own opinion is upwards, with said bumps along the way..

      For me, onwards and upwards. Much like life, nothing is ever perfect, and all you can do is live, learn, improve and carry on!

    • Loki...dont see it the same way as u ...what price for Cavani would be 60 mill imo and Falcao maybe more particularly if they know we have 70mill squid burning a hole in our pockets ? Im not convinced either are better players than Louis ? Whats the point in accepting big bids just to spend it all on a replacement who is new to the club and a la Torres at Chelski may notwork out particularly if u have discovered a dynamite duo up front of Louis and Dan Sturridge ?
      Alternate scenario take the cornershopkeeper/accountant view as opposed to the fanatical REDMEN fans view...we accept big bid for Suarez ...70 mill ? FSG trouser most of it and flip Brendan 20 mill to FIND a replacement to play with Dan Sturridge up front ? That game is called "Right back to Square One"

    • Ron J...GREAT post mate have to agree with all youve said here.
      Im a big Rogers sceptic but of course want to see the man succeed as u say "he succeeds the team succeeds". Like the look of Suarez and Sturridge up front hope we can keep them together and the club rejects all bids for Suarez come the end of season . Why be tempted if u have a winning combo like those two up front ? You sell Suarez then its hope u find the right partner for Sturridge and its big risk timeagain...but of course the bottom line for FSG is the almighty dollar and of course we are all now corner shopkeepers/accountants and not fanatical REDMEN fans anymore so we should get used to checking the clubs accounts as well as results eh ?

    • Colin, if Bayern offer us £70 mil for Luis in the summer we would be a bunch of d!ckheads to turn that down. Then we could buy Cavani and Falcao ourselves!

      With you totally on Reina and get young Butland in. The thought of Valdes coming here makes me sh!t my pants though, I think it's just paper-talk.

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