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  • colin colin Jan 27, 2013 19:43 Flag

    Rodgers is useless isn't he?

    robert m..."education" in many countries in the world isnt simply denominated in academic laurels. Where I live everyone considers that instruction u get from a young age in the home from family equally if not more important to that which one receives in school.
    I should defer to u because u read the FA Suarez report and I didnt ? What I KNOW is that those gents on the FA Board who conducted the investigation of the Suarez Incident havent travelled as extensively as I have in Latin America or worked with people in such countries . Louis Suarez I KNEW was no racist simply from what he said in public which corresponded with what I knew first hand from my experience in Latin America. So why do I want to waste my time reading all the bumf from these wanna be beaurocrats ? I dont have anything better to do with my time ? The rules of the game are what they are and if they intheir "wisdom" at the FA came to the conclusion that Louise Suarez WAS A RACIST and therefore merited lengthy suspension ok .However I still say this man is not a racist and whether or not I read this report isnt going to change that FACT.