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  • Loki Loki Jan 19, 2013 17:13 Flag

    Rodgers is useless isn't he?

    1) will he get credit for today's team selection and tactics?
    2) Will you give him credit for bringing in Sturridge and linking him with Luis?
    3) Will you acknowledge that overall, we are doing well?

    You know who this is addressed to, but obviously anyone's view is welcome.

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    • NO

      Apparently Rafa had been interested in Sturridge before he moved from City, so no credit there, especially not when spending 12M in comparison to 35M for "Mr. will come good"

      The tactics were drawn up by Pep Guardiola who is still on holiday despite signing for Bayern, and since Rodgers speaks Spanish and studies Barcelona, Pep drew up today's plan as a small holiday gesture, since he wasn't interested in taking Brendan's job..

      And, no, we are not doing well. I was disgusted with today's performance, especially at Anfield, it was simply not good enough.. We can only beat teams lower than us, despite the fact these same teams all came to Anfield and beat us last year, a couple of which, actually doubled us up..

      Please stop trying to focus on good things and be supportive, you are not helping the cause for when Jose Mourinho reads these blogs before considering moving to LFC this summer..

    • Loki...good performance...withthe exception of Joe Allen who slowed our momentum from the moment he came on. Can this guy EVER manage to get the ball to roll ...FORWARD ???!!!
      Thought Hendo had another very good game, the boy is really improving these days ! Think BR got the message after his blunder at Old Toilet in NOT starting Sturridge, lets be honest he couldnt make that same mistake twice...could he ? Sorry good performance by the Boys but still think BR is NOT the manager for our club. BUT do credit him with being slightly more enthusiastic looking on the sideline today...maybe he had to be a bit more active to stay warm ? Sturridge for me looks dangerous whenever near the box and IS making a difference could it be hes showing some of the others THE WAY and improving everyones confidence to have a go themselves instead of trying to pass the feckin ball into the opposition onion bag ?

    • A good few results doesn't justify a season of mis- hits.. When we should've won we gave away a lead a drew or we should've won but lost.. or we played utterly dreadfully.

      If we truly are to improve then we to play consistently well.. or if we do play poorly then grind out a win..

      This is the diffeeence between a average side and a great side..

      The great / good teams can grind out a result even if they play poorly.

      That I feel is what we need to be doing..

    • Rodgers is a hit and miss manager more miss than hit.

      Both he and FSG should go.

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      • Ok Armchair. Tell us all how you think it should be done. I want to read how new owners would change the fortune and direction we're going. Then I also want to hear how a new manager would propel us to PL glory year after year.

        I want to read how long you think it would take and how much money would be needed to buy the club, build a new stadium or refurbish Anfield (your choice) and then buy the new players that you're talking about. And after all of that tell us how you can make the club generate enough money to afford it!

        Lots of questions there. Get typing

    • Hi Sofa, just for a little dose of reality let’s look at the stadium project first.

      For a benchmark the Emirates has cost 470M to date, which is for a 60K stadium. So a little bit more than the 150M and did not include the need to buy out existing homeowners.

      If you go with 60K stadium (which is what we have planning permission for, additional capacity would involve additional costs beyond the stadium construction costs) that is an additional 15K seats. Assume an average of 50 quid per extra seat per game, and maybe 25-30 home games (that would assume some good runs in the cups), we're looking at an additional 20M a year.

      Just wondering if that is enough to make your plans work?

      As for the rest of your plan I’ll let others weigh in, however I’m not sure Jose is the best manager to go with unless we can also furnish him with a healthy transfer budget which has been his MO for success in the past. So is an extra 20M a year (assuming we don’t need that extra revenue for anything else like interest payments if we need to borrow to build) to satisfy him, and going to your third point to bring in enough players of the quality of Cavani that can quickly make the squad a title challenging side.

    • Many thanks for the reply Armchair. I think part of the problem is that you don't fully understand the sheer scale of the numbers involved.

      Lets look at a really rough and ready 5 year upgrade plan

      Firstly a new stadium is £400m MINIMUM. It will take 5 years to design and build.

      In the meantime you want the Mourinho. Well that's probably a salary of £8m a year (£150k per week)

      Players. Let say we get Cavani, Falcao and someone else valued at £50m each. Plus a few other transfers puts you up at £200m transfer kitty. Then they want paying at £150k per week. That's another £24m with say another £60m in wages for everyone else in the squad.

      We'll also need other transfers over the next 4 years. Lets throw another £200m in there for that.

      So for your first 5 years you will be spending:

      £400m + £200m + (£24mx5) + (£60mx5) + (£8mx5) + £200 = £1,260,000,000.

      Yup that's right £1.3 BILLION!!!!! and that's before we look after Anfield & Melwood for 5 years, pay all the other staff and alll the other things that go into running the club.

      At the moment the club isn't making any real profit so throw those numbers in as well. IT JUST DOESN'T ADD UP.

      Correct me if I'm wrong someone but doesn't Anfield generate £35m a year at the moment. That's based on £800//year per seat at 42k seats. (keeping it simple)

      Over 5 years that's only £175m which is still way way short. Even adding in a stupid number like £50m per year for say TV money doesn't get you close.

      Basically you're looking at someone throwing close on a Billion pounds in to the club to follow your plan. If you know anyone please let me know. I could do with a couple of quid myself right now.

    • SOFA...I too always assume we would have topnotch accountants to take care of the math but according to many on the board we shouldnt need them as ALL our fans now should be familiar with accountancy via their "corner-shopkeeper training"...this takes precedence these daze over actually rabidly supporting the club...didnt u know that ? Im with u mate SPEND SPEND SPEND and let the owners worry about it NOT us lets have an 80,000 seater new stadium they will get their money back when they sell on the franchise there is no need to think about EARNING the money back through incomings and it doesnt in any way impact their capacity to invest in new players to strengthen the squad...unless of course they really are, as Iveread on other boards...skint members.

    • Colin

      Please name 1 club worth £1.3 billion. I doubt there is one.

      Secondly, I'm just tryng to be realsitic and support the club no matter what the situation is rather than spouting about things that simply aren't within immediate reach and demanding changes because we haven't bought Messi this last month.

      To me it makes perfect sense to understand where you're at and look and try to enjoy the building process rather than demanding changes because things aren't the same as they were in the 70's.

      Reality check. They aren't the same as they were inte 70's because our beloved club management failed to realise that money would be the main driver in the game and embrace it. We were then practically torn appart by a Texan and his helper too.

    • Armchair - that is one of the most hilarious threads from you, you need to be on the Apollo on Friday nights!

      £150 million for an 80,000 seater stadium? If you got volunteers to build the thing it will still be treble that. Wembley cost £900 million quid for 90,000 so use that as your benchmark

      Give Mourinho six months to build a title winning team? I actually don't know what to say to that.

      The owners must sell the Red Sox....another comment that leaves me shaking my head

      What if your magic accountants say 'You cant afford to buy that player?' - do we sack everyone including the owners and start again?

      Quite rightly, Dave has used City as a model. They spent £1 billion buying the club and on the team. They didnt buy the stadium. They stuck with the same manager essentially. It took them 4 years to win the title. I guess in view of that you are going to be whingeing to the grave!

      Dear oh dear

    • Noo Noo...I havent quoted ANY figures at all ? I simply said that were the owners to build a new 80,000 seater stadium they at the time they come to sell the franchise LFC would inc te costof the stadium as the stadium would have to beworth the price they paidat the time they built it come the time they sold LFC.Obviously they arent going to give away a new stadium they add it to the value of the club. It seems illogical to assume they could ever EARN that money they spend on a stadium via incomings to replace what they spent onthe build ? This was the point I was making when I said lets be fair with Sofa ...u have to think of anew stadium build in this way or logically you will never have a new stadium cos it presupposes that no owners would ever contemplate building one because they cant ever expect to EARN the investment inthe stadium back through incomings ?

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