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  • Loki Loki Jan 19, 2013 17:13 Flag

    Rodgers is useless isn't he?

    1) will he get credit for today's team selection and tactics?
    2) Will you give him credit for bringing in Sturridge and linking him with Luis?
    3) Will you acknowledge that overall, we are doing well?

    You know who this is addressed to, but obviously anyone's view is welcome.

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    • Colin, seriously I don't know whether to shout at you or give up with you. It's how quite a few people have felt about Armchair at times.

      Let me try shouting a bit: YOU'RE NOT FUCKING LISTENING!

      I've told you several times that if you read the report you would discover that the case does not depend on the meaning of the word "Negrito". It could mean "cocoa cola" or "tampon" or "space alien" and it would make fuck all difference to whether Suarez was guilty or innocent. Nobody is arguing with you about what you claim "Negrito" means, so keeping trotting that out makes no difference.


      I'm not going to go on with this much more as it *is* a waste of my time and energy to keep banging my head against your brick wall. But I have two questions for you:

      1. If a black person asked John Terry why he kicked them and JT replied "because you are black?" would you say that John Terry had racially abused the other person?

      2. You tell me you have an English degree. When you sat your exams, had you read any of the books or did you just turn up and expect to bluff your way through?


    • robert m...ok here we go...in a number of Latin American countries I have travelled and lived in "Negrito" as a form of greeting or used ina lighthearted way in banter type conversation is not considered "abusive"..so...the term in question was ?...NEGRITO...right ? The charge brought against Louis Suarez was " racial-abuse" issued multiple times v UniTURD..right ? IF Negrito isnt commonly used here ..I never heard the term used in UK before...then it is solely the members of the FA BOARD who decided that inthe context it was issued it constituted "racial-abuse"...also I ask u is Louis Suarez "white" or Caucasian whichever u prefer ?....ok John Terry directed the comment ..."You f****** Black C*** !" at Anton Ferdinand ...I dont think we can nit pick about this being by anyones standards inUK a "racist comment ? Therefore if it is agreed by the vast majority of people in this country that this statement by JT was racist then he "racially abused" Anton Ferdinand...right ?
      The point Im making about the language used by Louis Suarez is that it wasnt by anyones standards in this country "racist" other than the FA BOARD members...therefore where most neutrals or lets say non football fans are concerned he couldnt have "racially" abused Evra ...right ? If all u want me to do s admit the members of the FA BOARD are entirely correct in their assumptions of the meaning and cultural context that this word Negrito was used in then sorry but Im unable to dothat.Reading the report made out by these people isnt going to enable me to either. I will always maintain that Louis Suarez was and is innocent of that which The FA charged him with.

    • What does 100% racist mean?

      Your argument appears to be that because you heard Suarez say some stuff that wasn't racist, that means to you he isn't a racist and therefore he must be innocent in the Evra case.

      It's not the strongest argument I've ever heard.


    • robert m..btw people who "racially abuse" others tend usually to be 100% racist..or isnt that the case where u come from? What does JT say " Some of my best friends are "coloured"." ?

    • robert m...I dont know why u bother either...couldit be because so many on the Chelski board have become so bored with u nagging them they have all pressed the "ignore" button on you so in turn u come and bore the the livin shyte out of us on our board ?

    • You don't even know what the question was! The question wasn't whether he is a racist. The question is whether he racially abused Evra. The report has a great deal of evidence that he did. Evidence you are unaware of and refuse to read so you continue with your straw man arguments. He wasn't convicted on the precise meaning of one word as you continue to claim, he was convicted on a bunch of other stuff.

      And you plainly do have time to read it because you have spent a great deal more time than it would take to read arguing about it and getting it wrong. You just choose not to read it and prefer to argue from a position of ignorance and prejudice.

      I've said this to you so many times. I don't know why I bother.


    • robert m..."education" in many countries in the world isnt simply denominated in academic laurels. Where I live everyone considers that instruction u get from a young age in the home from family equally if not more important to that which one receives in school.
      I should defer to u because u read the FA Suarez report and I didnt ? What I KNOW is that those gents on the FA Board who conducted the investigation of the Suarez Incident havent travelled as extensively as I have in Latin America or worked with people in such countries . Louis Suarez I KNEW was no racist simply from what he said in public which corresponded with what I knew first hand from my experience in Latin America. So why do I want to waste my time reading all the bumf from these wanna be beaurocrats ? I dont have anything better to do with my time ? The rules of the game are what they are and if they intheir "wisdom" at the FA came to the conclusion that Louise Suarez WAS A RACIST and therefore merited lengthy suspension ok .However I still say this man is not a racist and whether or not I read this report isnt going to change that FACT.

    • Bobby, don't worry, I got this ..


      A- How dare you!?!
      B- How dare you?!!
      C- Only pick statistics, time periods, figures, and trends that suit Chelsea when speaking about Chelsea on the Chelsea Board! Otherwise, we'll never be able to speak about Chelsea again!!
      D - How dare you!!!

    • Where is this information?

    • Armchair, the club announced about two months ago they are going to refurbish Anfield bringing capacity up to 61,000. Didnt you see this?

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