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  • colin colin Jan 19, 2013 20:51 Flag

    Coutinho vs Ince

    Loki...agreed just watched Ince put in a great performance for Blackpool v Cardiff he looks the biz and imo worth even more than 8 mill well worth paying te same money as we did for Sturridge imo.
    BUT unfortunately for us we are lumbered withthis clown Ian Ayre who will make any final decisions.Surely its time to get Ayre down the road ?

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    • First I'll play the optimist in saying that I hope we're just in a stare down with Blackpool until the 25th hour and we end up getting down..

      Here's the middle of the road thought.. Downing was excellent today, he delivered a wonderful cross from the right, with his right foot, that Sturridge put home.. inch perfect. Downing is in very good form, the best he's ever been in a Red shirt, and the best he ever will be. That said, I think he'll still move on in the summer, but while he's playing this well, along with Sterling, and the flexibility of Suarez, Sturridge, Suso and even make shift w/ Shelvey/Henderson, we don't necessarily "need" (rather "want") him at the moment..

      Here's the comparison of the two and what should happen.. Coutinho is a world class talent, but he's struggled mightily to make any regular impact at Inter, and as a Serie A watcher, I often see sooo many young, foreign players from Europe, and especially South America adapt very well there, but he's not done so. That said, I think in the right system and right manager, he could develop into what people around Europe think he could and should be. To buy him now for 8M would be a gamble that will not show very much return this year, and make us hope for 2-3 years. To spend 8M on Ince right now (while nothing's sure) is about a sure thing as it gets, at least when comparing the two.. Ince knows the club, knows England, knows the physicality, weather, etc etc ..

      In an ideal world, I'd say let's take them both for 16M, let Ince work his way into the first team while we wait for Coutinho to get himself out of the reserves and potentially develop over 2 years.. But we're not going to, and that's not a scenario that will happen.

      To throw a wrench into it, perhaps Coutinho could surprise because talent and skill can't be tought, Brazillian players don't seem to struggle nearly as much as they would have years ago, and I'd point to Ramires of Chelsea who I thought was "OK" at Benfica, but very lightweight and without a true position.. Now, I'd rate him as one of their most key players.. Luiz followed suit, though more mature physically and a defender, but then you have Oscar too, he's not too shabby.

      End of the Day, Ince is the safe bet and we'd expect great things, Coutinho is a bit of a gamble where we'd "hope" for great things. As far as ceiling, Coutinho, as far as reality, Ince..

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      • Personally, I think Coutinho is a fantastic little player, great feet, a lovely touch, has that special eye for a pass and can score a goal or two as well. I am actually quite excited to see us go for him. I remember him first coming on the scene at 18-19 and he looks a real talent, Italian sides tend to lean toward experience so he probably hasn't commanded a berth there so easily, plus they had obviously had Wesley for a long time. Their change in formation probably hasn't helped his chances too much either.

        I think we will sign both players, Ince maybe not till the summer. As you said, Downing has been excellent lately but ultimately isn't part of the long term plan so might suit to sell in the summer.