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  • colin colin Jan 26, 2013 23:17 Flag

    Coutinho vs Ince

    BLACKPOOL FC are not greedy we as a club have a long history with them anybody recall Emlyn Hughes ? Shanks paid them the price for himand quite a few thougyt it pricey but not Mr Shankly. btw the price was 63,000 squid.
    Its difficult for any club to sell a player who is the heart and soul of their club would we want to sell Suarez right now for 40 mill ? Same with Blackpool ..whatever we bid them we get 35 % rebate sell on fee. Plus yes we let him go for 250,000 but so what that was what he was worth then. Blackpool gave him the playing time and turned him into the player he is that we want right now.
    As so many on the board are always so keen to point out to me ...FOOTBALL IS A BUSINESS and Must be run as a PROFIT making business should be run...and beware to any that dont. So why should Blackpool FC INC. sell us their prize asset that after all they not us created at a knock down price? There were and are lots of options we could offer them tosecure Tom Ince ends up on our books if we dont offer any of those options or justthe one option ..x sum of money take it or leave it and they decide ..we will leave it thanks then that is Imafraid their prerogative...right ? So we have Coutinho would he be a better buy than Ince at more or less the same price?.....Personally dont think so but I think time knows better than me so will just have to wait and see.