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  • Jason Jason Jan 20, 2013 15:16 Flag

    Gerrard's View on the Current Situation

    Pretty diplomatic, kind and dodging the question on his old buddy or artist formerly known as Torres, sporting the new shaved head.. But, that's irrelevant to the topic and content..


    On Brendan Rodgers...

    "Giving him the job after Kenny was a sign that he is going to be here for a while. He'll be given time to put his philosophy out there, which is not going to happen overnight. It's going to TAKE TIME and we've been a little bit inconsistent this season. But I think in the majority of the games we have shown that we are playing the right way. I'm really happy with his appointment and how it is going so far. His MAN-MANAGEMENT is superb - he puts an arm around players and talks to them."

    If you think that's Stevie being the "good soldier", being a good PR man, and just saying "what he should", rather than what he really thinks / believes, then I guess I've truly lost my mind, and the glass half empty folks here should really run the Club, and anyone here with 2 good knees that can kick a ball outta be named Captain, as well as Owner and Manager..

    I'm already anxious for the scripted responses to what he's said, and especially armchairsofa's assessment.. I didn't see Gerrard say anything about the 80K seat stadium, but maybe it was in there in a cryptic message only Sofa can see, and that's the final piece of the puzzle along with some Sheiks ready to drop 500M

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    • Lucifer's buttocks boys we are capable of getting 6 points from the next two matches so let's have some confidence in the lads eh?

    • Cheers Boys.. I think we all know what lies in front of us the next two matches, and it would be nice to get 3, which is a fair aim, 2 I suppose would be decent, especially considering 0 is also very possible. And, having said that, even if Arsenal is off form, we always have trouble with them home and away recent years, and City have really struggled this year to standard, so I might even see an odd shock there instead.. who knows, but I know we're looking upwards at the teams we want to be, and not upwards at teams that should be below us.

      PSred.. I am in no way shape or form dismissing what you've said, nor labelling you as such, so I do mean this genuinely, if I came across that way and even if I might have been serious at the time, I do apologize for categorizing you as something you're not, or sharing a view you don't..

      I think it's fair we can both, and all can agree, that some of this stuff is a bit tedious, so again, I apologize and rather than go back and sort through it, I give you credit for what you replied with, and you're well within your right to not see something as I do, eye to eye..

      Again, my point in all of this, and the fellas agreeing, or saying they enjoy, is that while this is an open forumn for debate and all sorts of opinions, but the lions share of that is of a negative variety, and not enough of the good kind, especially after a win. I don't aim to and can't change people's thoughts on BR, the tactics and the progress or lack of, but if I can at least attempt to bring a little bit of positivity and fun, than that's what I want to do..

      Rather than debate BR is this or that, I'd much rather have seen a thread saying how delightful Daniel Sturridge dummy play, on Suarez goal was, along with Luis' finish, or Jordan's brilliant strike.. But there is none of that, and it's independent of the fact that I started 2 sarcastic posts, which says alot really, would you sort of agree with me there?

      I don't look at other boards.. But, I'd imagine whether it be United or City, or even QPR, if there was a nice 5-0 thrashing over anyone, even Mansfield, there would have been some pleasant, celebratory (only a win, not a title) banter, and more creative talk.. Had I not started my 2 posts, and Loki his, who knows..

      I know one thing, I feel a hell of alot better (not overlooking Oldham), going to Emirates off the back of a 5-0 thrashing, than I would off of a 1-0 win, or 1-1 draw, and depending what we do there, who knows what happens at City.. I don't, but I hope for the best, and think so too..

    • Brute should of course be Brits! Damn predictive text!

    • Heartily agree with your sentiments Jason. Keep them going. I for one like your tongue in cheek tilts at all the doomsayers on here. You are also right in pointing out that there is never a "well done" thread after our good performances. The Australians have a
      Phrase for we brute - "Wingeing Poms!" you may have heard it? Plenty of them on this board when we take those backward steps - me included at times!!

    • Hi Jason

      That's all well and good Jason but as you slammed the door on me early in this thread for a pretty innocuous point about captains saying nice things about managers, I'm assuming you're putting me in the "bit tedious and tiresome to read every single day how BR is the wrong guy, when we don't know, and FSG have to go" category.

      Can I ask you to find one post of mine from any point in time where I've suggested either?

    • carry on Jason!

      Yes credit where credit is due. The next couple of league games will give me a better indication of where we are and how we're coming on. We've got Arsenal and City within a few days of each other and both away from home.

      Lose both and we'll see Armchair and a few others screaming again. I'd like to see us get something out ofboth games for sure. Arsenal and their current form makes tham a little vulnerable IMO and we could do with a bit of revenge after thay gave us a right hiding earlier in the season. City will be tough full stop. They haven't lost at home for how long now?

      For me it will soon be necessary to demonstrate that we can get something from th teams that currently lie above us. I look at the PL table at the moment and I don't think it's far off the finished article for this season. Now if we can start taking points off the teams above us then it will show progress. I think we've shown that when we decide to show up we have the abiltiy to beat most of those teams below us. Time to have a look upward and deliver. Tough call but for me it will show some real progress and direction for a side that is far from being a complete one.

    • Guys,

      For what it's worth, I wasn't really apologizing in that I'd stop doing/saying certain things, just saying sorry, it's sometimes how I am, though my goal is far more often to be positive and humorous rather than negative..

      That said, my ultimate point was that you look at the threads when we lose or draw, and it's absolute chaos of gloom and doom, which people are entitled to, and I've done so, but the sad irony was, and still remains, after a 5-0 thrashing we haven't seen since 08/09, there isn't a single well done lads, or basking in a good victory over a team who nearly took 3 from us last year at Anfield, and took 3 from United this year..

      I'm simply trying to help be positive, despite the sarcasm because I enjoy chatting, debating and sharing thoughts/opinions here, but it becomes a bit tedious and tiresome to read every single day how BR is the wrong guy, when we don't know, and FSG have to go, while things are slowly (IMO) going in a good direction. Others may disagree with all of that, but there's no disagreeing we've just dismantled Norwich 5-0, with Suarez/Sturridge looking like 5 year striker partners, and only a week after thrashing Sunderlan 3-0, at Anfield, both teams who finished 1-1 draws at Anfield last season.. so, progress or "imporvement" made..

      If I can help bring a little more cheer and positivity that would make me happy, but like anyone else, I can't guarantee it stays or is the end product, but rather what I see, what I hope, and what I personally believe. If/when it's wrong, I'll call it the same way as anyone else.. Afterall, it's not like I'm endorsing Hodgson in 13th position with a -3 g/d here..

    • Red, in the same way I spoke to Jason, you dont have to justify yourself to me! Thats the whole point. You say what you've got to say in the way you want to say it. If someone wants to respond......so be it.

    • Loki it is a free country and yes there is the ignore button, but surely that is not what these forums are about or is it?
      I used to enjoy the posts put fwd by Jason as they were well thought out and carried some very good points but know every post starts off with sarcasm and the only person he is short changing is himself, Sarcasm is great if used in short measures not post after post again this is my opinion and if it is disagreed with then that's fine stick me on ignore.
      As far as Sofa is concerned well if you have read my previous posts you will see that he is not worth getting wound up over.

    • Hey Loki

      I agree with 99% of that.

      I'd suggest there's a third camp which I'm in. I'm not thinking that the BR reign is a bust or that he's 100% destined to become a great manager.

      I'm of the opinion that, on the pitch, we haven't progressed at all so far from last season (which is fine for the guy's first year whilst he's trying to organise things behind the scenes). I'm not sure whether he will/won't become a great manager although I am sure it's too soon to say he never will.

      I keep hearing/reading things from journo's, ex-players and a number of posters on here that back up your view that he is destined to be a great manager. My only point is that I haven't personally seen anything, either in his history before us or since he's taken over, that makes me believe that with any certainty.

      However, I am becoming increasingly annoyed at feeling that, just because I support the club and the manager without thinking that there is proof positive that BR is already a massive success, that I'm less of a fan than others. In fact, reading Jason's later reply, it seems he's in the same camp as me.

      Now I'm off to remove some splinters from my ar*e from sitting on this fence.

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