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  • Why are we looking to fork out £8million on coutinho, who although looks good on you tube is a failure at inter and not close to the proven quality we should be striving for.

    Sjneider would have been £6.5 million plus wages, compared to £8 million with less wages in Coutinho, but who would have been the better player for us? Who would have made an instant impact? I believe it would have been sjneider all the way and yes with wages he would have been more expensive over the long term but he would have brought results, surely this is better than gambling money on a maybe like Coutinho.

    I am 100% behind Buck and I aplaud the buy young policy of the owners so we have value for money, but if that value takes 5 years to acheive anything then I opt for proven with less value for money that can make us a force in the next 18 months.

    Surely Danny Wilson, Nuri Sahin and even Andy Carroll are examples of money wasted on maybe talents, that money could have been better spent. Even Henderson who looks like he is finally proving his talent has taken too long to come to the fore.

    Young totti on your arm is great and it is exciting and new and experimenting with them is awesome, but there is nothing better than proven, quality, experience. Oooarr.

    LFC buy good and buy right, age is just a number.

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    • Yup. I'm with you. I just don't expect things to happen over night and I certainly don't want it to be a flash in the pan either. I want the ground work to be done to put us at the pinnacle and keep us there.

      It could be so easy to blow huge amounts of money, win big and the completely forget about what you have to do the day after to do it all again. Better to build something up so that it becomes sustainable and even better would be self sustaining

    • You are both absolutely right, we all know LFC never really capitalised commercially off the huge success in the 70s/80s but that was then and this in now, likewise the Hicks/Gillett reign. We have seen the proven spending ability of FSG if required but they are reverting to the long term plan that they identified when they came in, to build a core of young talent for the future and to see if developing or redeveloping was the way forward in terms of stadia.

      We have seen them invest, we have seen the youth team graduate, seen investment in more youth and appointed a manager who specialises in pretty football with young player development the background of his career. Everything they said they would do they have done or at least made progress in. They indicated they planned to build a team that could challenge for the league in 5 years, we are 2 years in so we will have to see about that one though I think they were a little blown away by the spending power of Chelsea/City and just how advanced the Manchester United machine is. Plus, they believed what Fifa said about FFP but the stance changed to make it a more gradual switchover. My understanding is that a big change is to take place this summer regarding that.

      So I don't see the dissapointment in terms of FSG really, they are doing a great job as far as I can see.

    • I'm pleased that we didnt get Sneijder - the fact that he's signed for Galatasaray shows that he only cares about money. If money wasn't an issue, then he would have signed for us or another team in the EPL, because apparently he was having wet dreams about playing in our league.

      How a multi-millionaire cares about an extra couple of quid in his @rse pocket is beyond me. I mean, his lifestyle is really going to change for the worse for accepting less money isn't it? Greedy b@stard!

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      • Loki...agree the guys attitude was all wrong and I too sense there is a growing team spirit and better we hold to some sort of wage structure and bring in "the right men" for the job...envy can very easily take a hold and destroy camraderie and team spirit bringing in SNEIJDER at 160 k a week could have been te catalyst to do just that.

      • I'm glad we dipped out on Sjneider too. I think we may also have been buying a bit of an ego problem, that we dont need at all disrupting the good team spirit that I sense is begining to grow now

    • because we are mid table and cant offer top players champions league football, because we don't have the unlimited funds of other clubs, Because we aren't the club we used to be and its time we realized that. i think we are moving in the right direction and in the right way these are exactly the sort of players we need to be looking for.rogers hasn't done much wrong as yet so we gotta back him

    • To me, he isnt an unheard, he is an excellent little player. He has hardly been a flop, he came to Inter at 17 and is leaving at 20, that is graduation time. He has been playing behind sneijder/stankovic in a side that prefers experience in a league that prefers experience. Look at the effect he had on Espanyol in a side who plays similarly to us 5 goals in 16 games too! He looks fantastic to watch as well.

      I was as gutted as anyone to see Sneijder sign for Gala, especially with the noises coming from BR and SG over the weekend. He did want £160k a week still and that isnt doable for us. IF we are to buy older players then he would have suited the bill but not for that much money.

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      • Which is why FSG are the wrong owners for us.. We'll never attract top talent like Sneijder cos we baulk at the wages they want. Well top players deserve top wages.

        The sooner FSG sells to someone who can build a new stadium and bring in the top talent to really take us forward. Then we'll constantly be overlooked.

      • Is £160k Really that far out of our reah withe the new TV deal coming? I'm not so sure but it would restrict what else we do and perhaps the whole balance in the squadas Sneidjer would certainly have been earning more than anyone else. There's more to it for sure.

        The Ince thing I find interesting. Blackpool playing hardball is far enough but 'm also glad that we're tough enough to walk away from a deal if it isn't right. I believe we still get something like 30% of any resale value on Ince anyway so we haven't been completely buried by it.

        Coutinho I don't know a lot about but many players with names ending in "inho" have been pretty damn good in the past (recent past too) so lets not judge hime befoe he's even signed and then before we've even see him play!